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  1. It looks like the Giants will control whether he'll be in blue or not. He'd be a great change of pace back as well as a receiving threat.
  2. I think it took about 10 minutes for me to actually believe it was him that caught that pass...then my heart skipped a beat.
  3. How about Darrelle Revis? I'm big on this guy having seen him play a few times with his explosive speed. He could take over PR duties and probably become a solid nickle/dime back immediately.
  4. They'd be nice as a throwback jersey for a game or two, but I don't like the idea of changing it back to that permently.
  5. I like the idea of the Chase but I think it should be modified. I think it was Mark Martin who came up with the idea that they should let drivers into it within a certain amount of points to the leader. That way the number of drivers would fluctuate each year. Either way I wish Jeff Burton would win a cup soon. He's been so close so many times and really is a classy driver for NASCAR.
  6. I'll vote for anyone that offers me a job in their cabinet. I'm broke.
  7. You worked your way around my offer. I'm feeling nostalgic over my NBA Jam days.
  8. Change your name to "Boomshakalaka" and we may have a deal.
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