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Giants @ Titans


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Here's the updated list of games for those who use Sopcast: List of Games/Channels. I believe that even though there is a clickable link to the game, it won't play on the channels listed. Browse the channel list and find "NYMETRO", that is Fox in NYC, and has always worked for me come gametime. As always.......


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We will win by 10 points


I'm staying positive :)



And IF 'we' lose and your boy Eli plays like he did for the past 5 weeks...I am joining the "Off the Eli Bandwagon Party".

(This is a game where at least Eli can show some prgress. He should show me that he at least practiced and corrected his mistakes).

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Better than a Sunday Night game, or the worse MNF game.

I have to agree with you but also have to agree with Nas. I hate MNF and SNF games but dislike 4:00pm starts. I like to get up at 11, take a shower and head right to the bar to watch the GMen. I hate waiting around like this until 3 to go.

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Giants-Titans GameDay Inactives


November 26, 2006



8 T.Hasselbeck QB

22 S.Madison CB

23 C.Webster CB

54 B.Short LB

72 O.Umenyiora DE

77 L.Petitgout T

83 S.Moss WR

92 M.Strahan DE



26 A.Woolfolk CB

29 C.Brown RB

73 J.Geisinger C/G

85 J.Orr WR

91 T.LaBoy DE

94 J.Mahelona DT

95 J.Savage DE

98 A.Odom DE

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