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WAS @ NYG Game Thread


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Holy shit, it’s December and the game actually matters. 

getting a lot of guys back today, just hope it isn’t too little, too late. Scary Terry vs this still depleted secondary is no bueno. Their DL is ridiculous, they’re easily on par with Williams and Lawrence (probably the only other team that can make that claim), and are much more established on the edge. And here we are again reshuffling the interior OL. Neal returns, but is now rusty in addition to being a rookie. 

I think if WTF plays a disciplined game they will win easily. NYG going to have to win this one with misdirection, play action, and easy completions into the flat. 

you know what would make a world of difference to this offense, is if Barkley would actually become that receiving threat that allegedly made him 2nd overall pick material. 

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6 minutes ago, CrazedDogs said:

Damn well I guess we’re about to see if this team has any stones at all. Getting destroyed, at home, in a need it kind of game. Still early, but it’s pretty much going how I was afraid it would.

Looks like either a blowout or a game we're never in and lose like 27-13.

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1 minute ago, mastershake said:

There it is again lol a 3rd down pass play behind the line of scrimmage 🤦‍♂️

Assuming it’s a miss read of the D by Jones. Would have been a good play vs man coverage. 

I really hope the offense isn’t so training wheeled that they get one option.

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