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Draft day thoughts


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Just random thoughts on this draft day and all the drafts I watch before this one.  I think the first draft I watched was back in 1994 and the Giants first round pick that year was WR Thomas Lewis.  That should have taught me an important lesson about all future drafts:  Giants are the most depressing team to follow on draft day.  This has held true up until about 2007 which I think could go down as the greatest draft class the NY Giants ever had just on the number players who contributed to the success of the team in the following years.  It is one underwhelming pick after another with the exceptions few and far between.  Now stretch that out over three days and clearly I should have something better yet still watching...

For years we have been overly excited about players we expect the Giants to take, disappointed when they take a guy that leaves us wonder why?! who then turns into the best pick the Giants make that year.  For the most part the Giants draft players who wouldn't have been drafted by anyone else in that round, do very little for most of their rookie contract which helps me to understand why NY beat writers are so depressing:  these players are not worth writing about, lets write about how bad they are.

I'll be back in two hours to see who they pick and everyone's thoughts on that pick.  Expectations will be 10 year pro bowler, history tells me otherwise.  :laugh:  

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My draft thoughts;

-We are all just fans who have no fucking idea what any of us are talking about

-Very rarely does a draft pick even start and work out, let alone a first round draft pick.

-Some teams are bad and are always going to be bad due to shitty owners.

-Why do teams get shit on for reaching when most players don't work out regardless of where they are picked?

-I miss draft day being one long day starting at 10am.

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2004 and 2005 were pretty good drafts for the gmen.

2004: Eli, Snee, Torbor (nothing special, but he was a started on the superbowl team), Gibril Wilson, Derrick Ward (for a 7th rounder, was a decent rotational back).

2005: Corey Webster, Justin Tuck, Brandon Jacobs.

In 2004-2005, out of 6 picks in the first four rounds, Giants hit on all 6 out of 6. That's very difficult to achieve. 

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Just now, mastershake said:

Just curious.. wonder have we ever had an NFL draft where the first 7 picks were all offense???

They mentioned earlier on nfl network that there has been 6 of each. But never 7.  

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