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Giants to Sign CB Ross Cockrell


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3 hours ago, mastershake said:



Not a bad signing, especially if we got him cheap, though I still think our secondary will be a liability this year.

Secondary was going to be a liability anyways, Baker still was showing signs of regression near last year.

Honestly though Bradberry signing looks like a genious move now.

He's going to shadow a teams #1 all game, and then the Giants will just rotate whoever they think has the best match up against teams Y and Z.

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2 hours ago, UK-Giantsfan said:

we have no pass rush and a lot of holes in the secondary ........this could be another long year but i like the signing of Cockrell. ( i just hope that Love can improve quickly too )

Outside of CB#2 I think the secondary is better.

Bradburry is an immediate upgrade over Jenkins simply because Bradburry is consistent and he covers WRs week in and out, whereas Jenkins would have one good game then three bad ones.

The nickle/slot has a plethora of options, McKinney is a great slot/nickle player, Holmes was considered one of the best nickle CBs in the draft, Love can play the position, Peppers is alright there, Cockrell as well now.

The safeties are better since Bethea won't be near the starting lineup lol Love/Peppers, McKinney/Peppers, Love/McKinney are all great combinations.

The second guy on the outside is up for grabs, let the CBs fight it out for the spot.

Mostly I'm just glad the Giants have youth, much like at the Oline at these positions.

We have talent that just has to be developed and show up.

Unlike the last three years of relying on free agent journeymen to fill these spots.


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Hope he gets back on the team, if for no other reason than his name sounds like "cock girl." He'd pair really well with Kyler Fackrell on the radio play-by-play. 

"Prescott drops back... Fat Girl gets the sack... balls loose... and Cock Girl swoops in for the score! Fat Girl and Cock Girl with the double team on Prescott... and the Giants are up!" 

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