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You think anybody gets moved today?


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Hopefully Jenkins. That dude has been trash

I would be happy if we got rid of Jackrabbit , I hate the way he gives up on the team ( he was pathetic last season and not much better this season ).

I would be pissed off if we traded Collins or Vernon ( and it would be utter madness to get rid of Beckham )

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Again statements like this make me wonder if you ever watch games.

If they moved him to linebacker, I wouldnt mind Landon Collins. Seeing him play 6 yards off the LOS and getting beat over the top all the time is rough.

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Im sure no one will make any of those tackles up, booyah. Teams will score 68 more touchdowns.

Hey. Id love it if i could name one player back there who would have 68 tackles if collins werent hogging them for himself. Or a guy whos job it is to actually cover guys, gets paid like a star and doesnt do it. But hey, collins is 1d so lets focus on that.

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I'm with Storm (for once lol) on this.


Collins is a trash safety, they need to just move him to LB but take him off the field on passing situations.


I say keep him if he's willing to take a modest contract, but if he was ts top shelf money he can hit the overcrowded safety pool and some other team can pay a one dimensional player like him 10+ million a year.


Shame too he looked like the real deal but has drastically fallen off after that pro bowl year.


If all we want is a tackling safety there's some free aagents out there who can come in cheaper and do the same.

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