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Kirk Cousins


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Officially a Viking. 3 years, $84 mil fully guaranteed. An NFL first. He made like, what, $44 mil playing on the tag for 2 years? That's $128 million. Holy shit. No Superbowls, nothing special on the field. Just what exactly makes him an $84 million man? Who says playing games doesn't pay off? I bet all you dudes with college degrees, student loan debt, and a cubicle are downright pissed right now.

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Yeah I totally don't understand the Kirk Cousins love.


The NFL is slowly entering the era where great QBs are on their way out.


I mean when Brady, Rodgers, Ryan, etc retire who is stepping up?


Wilson is the front runner.


The kid in Houston looked good but blew out his knee who knows if that's going to be a consistent problem throughout his career.


Dak and Wents are up and coming but still young and unproven.


Same with Goff.


They NFL NEEDS the next generation of QB to step up and be the next big things to keep the fans pumping money into their teams but so far they really haven't.


Cousins is just the effect of that.

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Its cause he has sick stats. I don't understand all the hate. I could see it working out very well for the Vikings.


I agree- the money for him has been predicted for 3 years. He could've busted a shoulder and been gone- (not broke by any means) but he rolled the dice and got his reward. As for Minny, they really haven't had a top grade QB since forever so good for them. I will say that despite the stats he hasn't been clutch but thats also the team and org assembled around him.

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Rumors are Vikings are starting to plan ways of getting rid of his contract without having to pay the full thing.


Mediocre and unable to win under pressure with the Skins.


Now with the Vikes.


Window just keeps closing for another year.

youre privy to a lot of QB rumors
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