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Eagles sign LeGarrette Blount


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Much ado about a mediocre running back. Didn't want him, glad he's an Eagle.


The Giants did want him though.


You won't be glad when he runs over their linebackers.


Don't hate... appreciate.

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I wanted him too but he's 30, ran behind a great o-line and we have a couple of young running backs who he'd be splitting carries with. There's no reason to offer him a lot



Not thrilled about the Giants linebackers trying to tackle this guy though.

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I think Blount would of been good for the Giants inside the 10. He'll be good for the eagles inside the 10 that's for sure. Just hope he's not good inside the 10 against the Giants.

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The Eagles needed a bigger back. Too many small motherfuckers on that roster.


It is an improvement for them and good for Carson.


A 31 year old for one season? Let's see. :laugh:

And for 1mil? It's a steal if he stays healthy, just for the pass blocking alone.

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Blount had 18 TDs last season. That's three times the rushing scores the Giants had as a team.


I didn't want to break the bank for him either but again... in the four minute drill, who are you going to give the ball to seven straight times on this team? Who gets the ball on third-and-goal from the one?

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