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Well if you were worried about Tampa


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Cause we all know what great history this team has against running QB's. Seriously tho this might get ugly quick because if we are taking 3's instead of 7's,again, its gonna be a long game. I just hope Eli doesnt turn the damn ball over again :ermm: With Prince possibly back in action who thinks he shows up and gets the job done?

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Cam isn't running nearly as much so far this season. It's still the CBs that worry me, especially with Rivers and Kiwi at OLB.


He hasnt been running AS much, your right. But when he does its for a big play or a TD. And is it me or have most our sacks on the QB so far actually been from good coverage?

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I doubt the team's management wants Cam to be a part-time running back. The NFL lifespan of RB's is the shortest of any position. Turn the QB into a RB and you can guarantee he'll be in and out of games because of serious injuries for his career and will take 10 years off his usability. There's a difference between being mobile like Fran Tarkenton and just putting your head down and trying to gain yards on your own. Newton has a valuable arm and a QB brain.....so I have to believe the team's front office will not put up with offensive schemes that have him carrying the ball more than a few times a year. I could be dead wrong of course, but it just doesn't make sense to allow your QB to take a beating the way RB's do.

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Eh, Fuck Carolina too. Newton comes out of that pocket and we better have Williams humping his leg.


The team that can run is the team that will win. We need a repeat performance from Brown, Bradshaw back and Martin continuing impressive kickoff returns.

Don't want to watch a shootout with our banged up secondary.

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Guess I'm wrong:




Carolina Panthers want Cam Newton to keep running

  • _Rosenthal1-65x90.jpg
  • By Gregg Rosenthal
  • Around The League editor
  • Published: Sept. 19, 2012 at 11:07 a.m




Cam Newton was stuffed when he tried to run in Week 1. He set a personal rushing record in Week 2 against the New Orleans Saints.


Newton's 13 carries keyed a 219-yard performance by the Carolina Panthers. Keeping him busy on the ground is not a part of Carolina's gameplan that will go away anytime soon.

"He gets hit, but not big. And I think there's a difference in that, as well," coach Ron Rivera said via the Charlotte Observer. "And a lot of the runs that we have are calculated. He's reading for the most part as to whether or not it's a good idea to hand it off or keep it."


We'd agree, but only to a point. We saw Newton take on a Saints defender head on last week. He ran him over on the way to a first down. Newton is the rare running quarterback that often dishes out punishment rather than taking it.


"He's a threat on the ground. He threw the ball well, too. I think he plays better when he's doing all that stuff. He kind of gets more in the groove of things and he throws the ball better and just has a better day usually," tackle Jordan Gross said.


"It's Cam Newton, 6-5, 250-255 pounds. He's built like a horse," fullback Mike Tolbert said. "So he's ready to roll all the time. I'm not worried about him taking a hit."


Newton says he'll do anything the team asks. The Giants have given up 4.6 yards-per-carry though two weeks and look thin at defensive tackle, so we expect the team to ask Newton to run plenty Thursday night.

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I think I'm just going to sit back and watch the game... I'm no longer worried about this team... every team loses in the NFL and we're banged up at the CB position atm (no I don't want Ross back).


Well no one is giving us Ross back but he was a SB starter.........why in the world would you not want him back. plus he's a ball hawk

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