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Wow he was dressed and produced! It looks like the light bulb finally came on and he's in for a monster second half of the season. He could end the season with 8 catches for 20 yards and 4 tackles.



Beckum's stats in the first half.


1 catch for 2 yards


1 tackle on special teams.



This guy makes Sinorice look productive

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When we cut valuable players to make room for the roster it is a travesty that Beckum gets to have one of those incredibly hard roster spots for his own......makes me want to :puke:


He's had his chance.....he's failed.....time to cut our losses! I have to believe the only reason he is there is because Reese is unwilling to admit he blew it when he pissed away a high draft pick on the guy. We could snap up another TE from just about any practice squad in the NFL and it would be a big improvement.....even if the TE was just good for blocking in special situations.

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What about the brother who nearly got Tony Romo killed last year, Chris?!


HAHAHA, dude, that was hilarious. My GF at the time when to HS (Williamsville) with the 3 dudes and had some crush or some shit on all of them or felt good about herself cuz she knew them or something....I remember when that happened (because she had always told me how awesome football players they were) I posted that youtube clip of that to her wall and she and bunch of her classmates got all pissed off.

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