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  1. Ridiculous Why doesnt the NFL get this is gonna be ridiculous
  2. Love how Jones keeps the ball away from defenders....that ball was Sheppards or no ones.
  3. I plan on thoroughly enjoying: A- Watching a serious Giants football TEAM this year. B- Watching the Browns crash and burn. and probably C- Watching the "experts" and pundits talk themselves blue in the face trying to possibly make sense out of how the Giants aren't 0-16 and the Browns aren't 16-0.
  4. You all sound like Met fans, (and I myself am a Met fan), to whom winning is such a foreign concept that they take cheap solace in watching individual players flashy statistical accomplishments. The New York Football Giants aren't the Mets. I care about W's, and about having a team that has a real chance to play some serious January and dare I say February football. Watching OBJ was a fun sideshow and distraction while we sucked. Time to stop sucking.
  5. If you're so taken by his statistics you can still have him on your fantasy team or on Madden where his infantile character and psychological instability won't hurt you. This isn't the NBA. Good riddance. Literally couldn't be happier that he's gone. Now we can go back to playing football.
  6. "hearing a younger version of Manning is on the way won't provide a lot of comfort for Giants fans eager to see a new direction at quarterback." Classic mob mentality, since it's in vogue to dump on Eli we'll just write nonsense. Every Giant fan would love to hear that a younger version of Manning is on the way.
  7. The refs also saw the big board and gave the roughing the passer call back with the call on Jeffrey? Also no way Vernon misses that sack if he isn't scared of a penalty.
  8. Too angry and annoyed about the issue to even enjoy satire about it. The NFL rules and how they are enforced are a complete joke.
  9. Zelmo


    People are really saying that??? I must be honest I was one of the few who was concerned about the pick but I knew I was dead wrong after one game. He is the realest of the real. Hes crazy good.
  10. This was surprising to me too, but honestly, even though the beat writers have been banging the Webb drum for a long time, both the actions of this coaching staff and management and the previous one never showed any confidence in him. We all thought Mcadoo was crazy and incompetent for not playing Webb over Gino last year, but it now seems likely that they saw him every day and despite him being a good guy and a hard worker, just isnt a good player. We all questioned why after drafting a RB in the 1st, which implies confidence in Webb, they drafted Lauletta. Now we know they never liked Webb all along. And now they prefer Tanney to Webb. So either the fan base, with its minuscule amount of information, is right about Webb and theres a long list of boneheaded management decisions spanning 2 regimes, or, the much more likely option, management, spanning 2 regimes now, had daily exposure to him and knew hes just not good. And I dont buy for a second that they ditched him because he was drafted by the previous regime. These guys have careers at stake, if he had talent theyd keep him.
  11. https://twitter.com/OllieConnolly/status/917230071831781376/video/1
  12. Not sure what happened with that delay of game but I'm sure the stupid pumping the ball up celebration didn't help.
  13. Good call. It was also the farthest thing from roughing the QB.
  14. Maybe clutching your left ankle is some new form of protest?
  15. Did we actually just throw past the sticks on third down? I'm stunned.
  16. In live action it looked like the kicker lost his balance on his own.
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