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Brandon Jacobs


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Pretty much, we could of traded for a good CB or LB.


Instead were stuck with a 270 pile of shit a RB.


Actually, now that I think about it... his stock probably just jumped with the Raiders. They'll prolly give us a third for him. :LMAO:

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snapback.pngBlueInCanada, on 19 September 2010 - 07:59 PM, said:


Step 1: Re-read my post.

Step 2: Realize he said "had a QB"

Step 3: ?

Step 4: Profit.



Love that episode.

oh you mean that wasn't original either? at least BIC's record stays intact.

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We should bring back that 300 lb QB- what was his name and put him at RB......he could also throw the option. He crushed a LBer in a NE pre-season game and Bellicheck fired the LBer on the way home it was such an ass kicking


Honestly I cannot remember his name right now and am too lazy to google it.

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I'm more angry about the play before the tantrum. He had a nice hole opened for him by the line and he ran away from a DB who was half his size. I was very pro-Jacobs before that but he lost my support with that play.



last week Warren sap called him the "Tip-Toe Burglar". A perfect description of that play.


I am a lot less tolerant of the whiny, crappy, bitchy attitudes of pro athletes than most but if I where the Giants I would cut the dude and find somebody who wants to compete instead of engaging in prolonged sulking sessions broken up by occasional temper tantrums.

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Jared Lorenzen - 'hefty lefty' or 'j-laod'



And yeah, I think all the fans are growing tired of Jacobs. Big backs in the NFL are pretty much a thing of the past with how fast defenses are now. All you have to do is get Jacobs to take one step parallel to the line and you know he's not getting much, if any, yardage.

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