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  1. Do you guys go out to dinner and stuff???
  2. Ahhh poor Teddy, is he still hurtin from 08?? lol I think the only real threat is philly. I never believed the hype about toni homo, and they have almost as many question marks as washington. They have a real good LB, and a pretty good RB.....thats about it. Bryant and Austin have got to be the most overrated WRs in history.
  3. I was just gonna say this. We didnt draft him, the Jets did. Oh well, thanks for the 07-08 yr........see ya.
  4. 1. NY Giants 2. GB Packers 3. NE Patriots 4. SF 49ers 5. Baltimore Ravens
  5. Whoa, yeah, hard to beat those 2. Maybe Jarrod bunch or William Joseph, but other than that, you aint gonna get more pro bowl caliber than London and seawright.
  6. No way. I dont think he'll have the chance.Prince will be the starting CB opposite of CWeb before you know it. I think he'll beat out TT for the 3rd spot. I love Terrel, but 2 torn ACLs??? Too much to come back from.
  7. I dont think Aaron Ross sucked. I fully believe Prince will out do him, but was was solid, and not too bad on returns. The problem with ross was inconsistency. He would play lights out for a couple games, then get head scratchingly burned on others.
  8. I got it already. Authentic stitched #90. It looks GREAT!. I just got that and Cruz. Cruz is a replica though. Didnt have enough cash. My jerseys in my closet now........ Away Manning Home JPP Home Cruz Home Nicks Home Umenyiora Away Kiwanuka Home Simms Home LT Home Barber Away Strahan Home Tuck Home Hampton
  9. Sure, why not? If i go, Im gonna go in to the city, and try and meet up with you too. Im gonna see who wants to meet. Maybe a lil pre SW meeting of the minds. Ill see if boohyah, golfer, T, jr, and anyone else in or around the vicinity wants to finally meet the Blue/
  10. While Im betting you do forget, if we do meet, no thanks on the Taco Bell. Ill take you up on the others though.
  11. lol....Yeah, Ive seen you say that numerous times. Im with ya bro, I think he will be the best or 2nd best next to CWeb.
  12. Cool, if I do go, and it looks like I will, Ill hit you up.
  13. Amukamara will be solid, if not Pro Bowl status. Mark my words.
  14. I just saw the list, and have no idea where their reasoning comes from. The list is absurd.
  15. I think Jernigan is and will be a bust. My top 5 breakout players: 1. Amukamara (I know this guy personally, he went to HS with my nephew. Hes a beast and is working hard to be a stud) 2. J Williams (Continuing where he left off last yr.) 3. Darel Scott 4. Linval Joseph 5. Martellus Bennett (This guy just needed to be in a system that doesnt have Jason Witten or a choke artist who favors Witten as a QB)
  16. Damn, Ill most likely be in Parsippany NJ the week of July 9th for work. Ill just miss it. hopefully i can come back for training camp.
  17. Victor Cruz ranked higher than Nicks and Tuck???? This list should be immediately ignored, if it hasnt been already. I love Cruz, but better than Nicks and Tuck??? No, I do not think so.
  18. If you won a million bucks in the lottery Nem, would you complain it wasnt 2 million? lol
  19. See ya Witherspoon. Gone before you could even get going. Gave it a good shot though.
  20. BIGBLUE01


    I say it'll be Denver or Baltimore. Slight chance it could be Houston or Pittsburgh. If I had a dark horse, Id go with Cincy or Miami.
  21. BLEEDIN!!!! How could you!!!!........Its DEREK Jeter!!!! Cmon MAAAAN!!!!
  22. You finally got the keys? You must have finally gotten him that pretty lil ewe he's been eyeing.
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