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  1. LOL!!! You contradict yourself Floyd. Im sayin theres no one close, you say theres no one close, and you say Im speakin non sense. LOL!!! OK, thats it......CHASE BLACKBURN BABY!!!!!
  2. It was good, because he's young enough to help them win NOW. You know George, c'mon.
  3. Damn, I hate when you're right keefer! :brooding: I think its bigger than that article, I havent read it, but I gotta idea what it says. Just like last year when the talks of him being traded to the Mets were happenin, he got angry, he wants to saty in the Bronx. He know where he wants to go and what to do, and he wants to show loyalty the best he can w/o gettin screwed. I love Sheff. OK, now I'll read it.
  4. I was ready to jump on ya.....lol!@ Anything that produces Derek Jeter and Bernie Williams, HAS to be great!!!
  5. You must mean stop, because you cant read fast enough. Do you notice that I say NOT EVEN CLOSE? and EONS AWAY??? Here, let me make it simple for you.......NO ONE COMPARES TO LT!!!!! Get it now Floyd?
  6. I think restructuring his contract would be the best, he holds like a mutha, but believe it or not, he one of the better ones in the league. Plus, he's been there for a bit, I'd like to try and keep an OLINE around for awhile, since we have afranchise QB, RB, TE and WR.
  7. Yeah, not Ray Lewis, although for a minute, it looked like he might have come the closest. I'd have to say Urlacher comes the closest, as far as people playing today, but he is still EONS away from LT. Overall, I'd say Singletary, again, not even close.
  8. I cant say I wouldnt want him, but if we got him, the Secondary situation would scare me. Dont get me wrong, I love Will Pete, and think Webster will be fine, but I dont want to go after moe Rookies and have to wait longer for a good secondary. Will ete has had alot of injuries, he worries me. When he plays, he one of the best, when he plays. Would it be possible to get Arrington, and someone younger and better than Madison?
  9. I wont go as far as some on this thread, but they are right. So far, I think Im the oldest to comment and have seen him play, (im 35), and NO ONE is even close. NO ONE. That is THE BEST FOOTBALL PLAYER in the world. Not LB....BEST FOOTBALL PLAYER EVER. He is the only player, where other teams planned how to stop HIM. They didnt paln to get to Simms, stop Joe Morris...they planned thier WHOLE game around stopping LT.
  10. I was 10 goin on 11 when he was drafted, and youre right, the draft wasnt like it was today. But sports fans, Giant fans knew what was goin on. He was the best LB comin out of college, the Gmen were all over him. No one knew he would be the best FOOTBALL PLAYER, he showed us that.
  11. No one could of imagined he'd be that good, including himself. But he was a big thing, one of my earliest mremories in becoming a Giant fan.
  12. I'd rather save the money and go after a shutdown corner. Webster is still fresh, Will Pete, who I love, is injury plagued and Will Allen will be gone. That leaves Gibril the only solid sec. guy we got. Who's replacing B. Alexander? I dont exactly know who's out there besides Madison, who wouldnt be all that bad a p/u branted he's cheap, but who's out there at CB?
  13. Also, Short has been with us before. I choose Peterson, but If Short came at a good price, I'd snag him.
  14. ...a few sandwiches short of a picnic.........LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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