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  1. Hellooooo strangers! lol I love Jacobs, always will. Dude LOVED bein a Giant. Business is business, so he had to go. But he absolutely loved bein a GIANT. So......how ya all been?
  2. Watched it last night, my girl is a Cards fan. It was beyond horrible officiating. They werent just getting interefered with no calls, they were missing hugely obvious face masks. Really bad. Dont know if they woulda won anyway, but that was bad. Needless to say, my girl is not happy today.
  3. I was just discussing this after the win yesterday......its almost eerie how we're at 6-2 again. And with a tough schedule ahead? And the injuries kinda worry me. But you never know.
  4. We woulda been in 1st regardless of the outcome.
  5. Dang, can't watch it in Mexico..........
  6. BIGBLUE01

    RG III

    Already stated this during draft time iceman! I totally agree with you. I said the same thing, we were all in awe of Vick and Newton their Freshman yrs. RGIII gets awful lucky sometimes, like the 4th and 10 play. Im sorry, runnin around scared and then getting a block isnt you doin anything special. Osi was about to lay him out and he got blind sided. Thats what made that play work, not Bob. I say he has a worse sophomore yr than Cam.
  7. These are the 2 that stick out most to me. Real happy with Linval, agree need to be locked up soon. Good win for the Giants.
  8. How long you been a Stevie Brown fan? 2 games?? lol
  9. LMMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was some funny shit.
  10. True huh? Its seems ridiculous to even compare the 2....lol
  11. I was just saying that to a Chargers fan I know. He must be part of the Mafia. lol
  12. Im still mad at Acorsi for trading Rivers for Eli..................................................
  13. I thought I read that Hosley would play Sun. Im not sure about the other 2. I would think Phillips would be ready soon. Kinda liking Stevie Brown right now though.
  14. Looks like this place needs my "Blue colored glasses" view again............ GIANTS baby................................
  15. I agree with Jim and Zelmo. Although Rolle still has some cover issues, he is playing better and better in each game. And he's playin with a hurt knee. But Amukamara is starting to show those 1st rd pick skills. He almost had 2 picks himself last night. Lovin our secondary right about now. We havent heard Websters name in a couple games, which is usually a good thing.
  16. Its obviously gonna be a tough game, SF is real good. But I predict a narrow Giants victory............ 24-21 Giants Hixon will be the surprise star......
  17. I actually picked up a gig delivering pizzas at night. It wasn't that bad, made some good tips. Now, im back to just my day job, and they call me when they need me. It wasnt as bad as i thought. I dont really do anything anymore, so i might as well work. My girl sure was lovin it.......
  18. Wait, there's a pinned thread of where to watch the games???? Maybe I can't read???....................
  19. Hey, I is edumacated!!! Just been workin', had to pick up a night job to catch up, so I workin 2 jobs for awhile. Had no time to even breathe. But Im good now. How ya been my man?
  20. LOL.......I fooled ya with the nickname...... Whats up BIC, how ya been? Thanks for the link brotha.
  21. Hey everyone, long time no see...... I gotta stay home with the kiddos today, don't have Sunday ticket. Where can I watch online???? Thank you, THE BLUE........
  22. Hey guys, Yeah, I dont take too much from this game. I agree with Storm on Bradshaws toughness, but our run game still stunk. Cruz didlook like someone who let stardom get to his head but its only one game. A severe TB beatdown should do the trick. BTW,dont know if it was mentioned, but Nicks madesome nice grabs last night considering.
  23. Who many consider the best RB of the draft.
  24. Welcome to a winner and a REAL QB Martellus...........
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