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  1. Oh yeah, the Ballatar, how could I forget? Not as good as your Bossatar though.
  2. LOL...I wouldnt call that an established relationship. But you are right about Pope being a good coach who can get more out of him than dallas did. PDub, I agree at this point its more potential than anything. But since we rely on our WRs more than TE's like dallas does, its almost a given that a physical speciman like Bennett would fit into our system.
  3. http://espn.go.com/blog/new-york/giants/post/_/id/13209/aaron-ross-visiting-bengals He wants to be a starter.
  4. Oh damn, I thought they resigned Forte already? If not your right. too much money on a pair of DEs.
  5. Dude, if we get Bennet as our starter, and then Ballard comes back, we'll have a nice little TE tandem with Pascoe as the the 3rd.
  6. LOL...no. How did you get that from my reply? I meant, just because someone did well in college, or has all the tools to succeed in the pros, doesnt mean they will do well in the pros. He looks like a keeper, RGIII, something tells me he's not.
  7. Good call Osi. I didnt really pay much attention to Bennett, but after reading up on him, I think he would fit the Giants far better than he fit with the cowcraps. I want this guy. And I read on either ESPN or NFL.com, that we may sign 2 FA TEs. Anyone else see or hear this?
  8. After Ryan Leaf, I stopped judging QBs by their college performance. This guy has all the tools and looks to be great.....JUST like Leaf. I dont really have alot of reasons why, it seems like he should be good. But my gut tells me hes a bust. You say he throws 1st, to me, he clearly runs first. He looks fragile too. Doesnt look like he can take a hit. The thing we dont know, is does he have the mental capability to run a screwed up franchise with no real RB? Military parents? Big deal. I know a lot of kids I grew up with who had military parents who are currently on crack.
  9. Im trying to get a copy of his scheme that he had vs the Saints. Its for a book Im writing called...."What to do when you want to be embarrassed".
  10. lol Is it just me, or does it seem like RGIII is WAAAY overhyped?
  11. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/09000d5d82792745/article/freeagent-wr-garcon-announces-intent-to-sign-with-redskins?module=HP11_headline_stack Why Pierre? Whos gonna throw it to you? I guess you havent heard, Peyton aint goin to the skins. Good luck with RGoverhype. Sorry if this is posted in wrong section.
  12. Yeah, and if they get Williams from Houston, theyre gonna frickin good. On paper at least. But can you imagine Peppers on one side and Williams on the other?
  13. Holy patootie!!!!!! Thats a lot of dough for a guy who tore his ACL....TWICE!!!!! But thats probably where the option after the 1st yr comes in, just in case the 2 injuries were just too much.
  14. OK, this made more sense to me. Thanks roc.
  15. Ummmmm.......that is not simple. Especially not for math retards like myself.
  16. Ahhhh, OK. All the money stuff is so confusing to me. Thanks Jim.
  17. Already signed a 1 yr tender.
  18. Im still waiting for his induction to the hall................man, is he getting robbed.
  19. Was just gonna say this. I dont like the the 2 tears of his ACL, but if he works hard enough to come back full strength, hes a very talented player. I too am comfy with that tandem. Now, as already stated, get Rolle to restructure.
  20. Damn, from 3 million to 900K??? Seems like alot. Thanks David!
  21. Yeah, he has had his share of concussions it seems. But he is still fairly young and knows our system and Eli. At a good price Id rather have him back the draft a rook.
  22. http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/7677959/source-oakland-raiders-plan-release-kevin-boss Hmmmmmm, should we take him back? Could we?
  23. Yes, because they front loaded a bunch of contracts when they werent supposed to the last few years. Something to that effect.
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