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  1. Yes, dont take the sheep deal. Hint.......the sheep deal does NOT come with shears.
  2. Welcome DG. Watchout for the posters name BronxRik and booyah. They will try to charge you for the porn section, but dont be fooled, theres no fee to enter. You have to get the password from Virginia Giant.
  3. 1 year, 615,000. I just read it on facebook, but Ill see if I can get a linky for yous guys.
  4. I wonder if this will have any impact on his induction into the Giants ring of honor? You know he did man the middle of the Dline so well.....
  5. This is what I was thinking Nas. I know the rules of how your hands should be but how was he supposed to do that in that type of play? The way he was covered?
  6. That was a nice catch, guy looks good. I dont really know much about him, hope he turns out to be something. Although im expecting Bennett to fit bettr in our sysem than in dallas, it would be nice to have another capable TE
  7. Im with you, I think this can be a triple threat for sometime, as theyre all pretty young.
  8. That sounds just like that dumbass!!!! Lol friggin hilarious!!!!
  9. It the jets bills and cards are as good as they're supposed to be this yr, that Pats schedule isn't as easy as we think. A nd the dolphins always play them tough
  10. Me too, but that's mainly because I'm out west here. They start around 5-6p out here..... Perfect. My favorite start times are 2p....5p your time.
  11. If you decide on the Atlanta game let me know.
  12. You're supposed to agree with me !!!!! I do agree with the schedule not being as tough as they say. But who knows who will surprise us.
  13. Lol... It says we have a bye week on week 3 and week 11 on ESPN.com......
  14. I personally hate the late bye.... If we're rolling I don't wanna take a break heading into the playoffs. But, it is what it is. I'm shooting for the Atlanta and SF away games to attend.
  15. I love Jacobs, but he does have a mouth. Lol
  16. Nope. He sees pressure, and he succumbs to it......no problem.
  17. Gosh darn you dragon!!!!!!!......lol
  18. BIGBLUE01


    No, meadowlands west is a climate controlled dome. We're undefeated there.
  19. When did he lay the lumber Osi?? Was it in his first yr where he played like 9 games? Or the last 3 where he had little amounts of tackles and ZERO INTs? This is purely a ST signing, and an average one at that.
  20. I thought we got a player from the NHL by the title.
  21. I wonder if the Dolphin interest is to try and lure Manning? He could get some real good advice from little bro on Mario.
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