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  1. Yeah, Carrs that pretty decent CB from the Cheifs.
  2. Oh yeah, forgot about Helu. OK, well, I guess I'll sit back and watch what happens. I still get a gut feeling he wont pan out.
  3. IMO, unless they get a capable RB, no one will fear those weapons.
  4. Yes, which makes it even worse.
  5. Yeah, we'll cut ballard or beckum. I never thought we'd carry 4.
  6. Not if youre not contributing to it more than holding a clipbaord. If I were Carr, Id run for the money.
  7. LOL.........you mean LEAVE us.........lol
  8. Yeah, he seems to be very intelligent. I was talking football mental capacity. Its different. Being able to solve trigonometry(sp?) is one thing, reading defenses and calling audibles is another. Like I said, he seems to have what it takes, I just dont see it coming to fruition.
  9. Yes, I just typed that because I didnt want it to be only a link. lol I think he ends up in dallas.
  10. I really, really dont want Peyton coming to the cards. Its bad enough dealing with the sudden cards fans after Warner.
  11. I give you props on being impartial when discussing rivals. I hope they all flat out suck....lol
  12. I loved the toughness of Tryon, playing with that broken arm last yr. Good signing on both.
  13. To me, with everything thats transpired thus far, it makes DEN and AZ the CLEAR favs. DEN more so, other than the dominant WR, they have everything else in place for him. Good coaches and front office(Elway), power run game, real good D and they will let Peyton command the offense. As for WRs on that team, they have some real good young talent, just like he had in Indy. And they can always bring a FA in.
  14. Dont get happy cause you got lucky on Bennett......lol jk
  15. They werent yours? Damn, I thought you made them.
  16. WHERES THE HEFTY LEFTY????? lol I really want Carr to stay.
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