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  1. four pages of this. Check out the quotes from these guys seems like everyone aside from manning is talking about next season. IMO look no futher.
  2. Yes he went with me to the Saints game.
  3. http://www.nfl.com/standings/tiebreakingprocedures
  4. Thats as of right now. If Dallas loses to washington and the Giants beat the eagles then they tie in divison games and it comes down to common opponents. i think.....
  5. Their chances should have been dashed with the Joke of a game they played last weekend. Seatlle has two division games and Dallas is going to washington for the divison. I for one don't see these two in the mix but thats why they play every Sunday... and now that I said it Dallas will win the divsion and seattle will take the wildcard......WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Do you post? That place has serioulsy declined in the quality of the coverage since Mike Garafolo left. IMO it's terrible. That Jose guy maybe one of the worst beat reporters I have read. Goto the NY post and read Schwartz's blog, it's head an shoulders better. It's to the point of being pathetic.
  7. It depends on how CHi and Minny does in the next two games. Here is the scary thing. I had the same feeling as last year...this team sucks balls and has no business being in the playoffs. Just as I think this the team goes on a tear. In all the years of watching football I have never seen a team that looks so poorly coached and so out classed one week suddenly change gears and look the total opposite the next. I'm looking for an analogy here but keep coming up empty.
  8. Does anyone here goto NJ.com for NY sports articles?
  9. Manning stunk last night. The first INT he threw into double coverage but he was hit as he threw the ball Wilson got blown up trying to pass protects. Snee and Diehl got used all game they could not pick up critical 3rd and 2 and 4th and 2 fall ahead rushing plays. IMO the onus starts with Eli, then the oline, then the lack of a pass rush. There is no silver lining here.
  10. Winning the East is not looking good. Maybe a wild card. And after yesterdays game thats a big maybe.
  11. Lets recap. Manning Missing wide open recivers and not seeing a wide open TE for the entier game. Gift wrapping 17 points less then 15 minutes at the start of the game. The online is pathetic. Dhiel giving up on plays relasing his blocks before the play is over. This maybe the worst Oline in the NFL. A non existent pass rush. And special teams that couldn't make a 30 yard field goal. Does anyone here really have any conifdence that they will win another game this season!?!?! They goto Baltimore facing a good team that lost three tough games in a row. The onto Philly a team they struggle to beat no matter what thier record is or how bad the look on paper. I read in the post today that this is the first team in NFL History to get shut out as Defending superbowl champs... At this point I would like to change champs to chumps. What a mess...........................
  12. I can't wait to see 7-9 teams make the playoffs. Then right after this decisions is made they will eliminate special teams from games and introduce the new official NFL uniform.
  13. Here’s a statistic. The NFC east will come down to the last Giants game of the season. Giants beat the eagles and they are in they lose and it's time to start looking at tea times. You can congratulate me on my uncanny prediction if the Giants win.
  14. As long as it's not a night game I'm cool with it. I just wonder whats going to happen with the Philly game last game of the season.
  15. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1443352-new-york-giants-would-brandon-jacobs-have-been-useful-before-49ers-suspension
  16. IMO jacobs was a monumental pud here. Esp after all his crying last year. And I was glad to see him go. Then after hearing guys like Subert, dehil and amani talk about him I changed my mind. Appearntly when he's not acting like a cry baby in the media he's well liked by his teammates and "brings allot of fire to the field". So take it for whats it's worth. Some here seem certain that he will not be back. Unless he blows Jim with a smile I don't see him playing for the rest of the year. If he does it seems there are a ton of hurdles to get here assuming that TC and Reese even want him here. Bob Papa seemed to think it was/is possible. Again take all of this for what it's worth. A bunch of words and opinions.
  17. Papa and Amani seemed to think so. They have more of an inside track then us. They also said the suspension was low rent and basicaly total bullshit.
  18. Bob Papa and Toomer where discussing this on the opening drive this morning. The though is currently Jacobs is disputing the suspension. If he wins or cuts some type of "deal" with the 9ners he will get another shot at playing with another team this year. Why wouldn’t the Giants take him? I see no down side to it.
  19. WIP morning guys Think Ried is a lock to land in SD as HC.
  20. Tuck bit on the play action a few key times so there is a good argument there IMO.
  21. Over the last two games Brees had a QB rating of 23..4 vs the Falcon and 33.0 vs the 9ers. This is not the same team that the gaints played last year or on 09. . Also JPP has only played against brees once in his career. While I agree JPP should watch what he says in the media, with the playoffs on the line and Brees's past two stinkers, I doubt JPP can motiave Brees further. This IMO is a make or break season game for both teams. IMO the Siants HAVE to have this game.
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