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  1. The rain is going to hold off until tonight. I live 20 miles from met life. Hot humid and over cast right now.
  2. I can't argue against this but IMO the match ups favor the Giants and jury's out on the chemistry of this team. Last week says things are off the norm. MAYBE...HOPE...PLEASE.....
  3. Giants 31 NO 28 Some players want payback from last year. The ones that where here. NO not impressive on both sides of the ball I think this article is spot on.
  4. Giants haven't beaten Dallas on a opening day all 8 times they played them on opening day. That being said I'm taking the Giants. Dallas D does not impress me. A rookie QB. I'm taking Big Blue in this game 28-21
  5. Multiple teams wanted him....LMAO he was released in February...He's a stop gap days before the season starts. How this could be considered anything other than an act of desperation....holy cow.... I want some of what you're smoking.
  6. There are two things this offensive line has going going it this year. The Giants defense looks much improved, and the NFC east doesn't look super competitive. Other than that I don't see an upside. No matter what plug and play players they pick up from the trash heap. Giants.com keeps spinning that Pugh has more an impact on continuity that most think. Says when he gets in flowers play will improve.
  7. Specifically what doesn't matter? Flowers is struggling Pugh is hurt already.newhouse eats dick every play. We have no blocking TE. What about these things don't matter?
  8. http://www.nj.com/giants/index.ssf/2016/08/giants_takeaways_vs_jets.html#incart_river_index Giants offense thus far S-T-I-N-K-S Let the spin begin.
  9. Another inspiring showing.
  10. The fact that the panthers put a franchise tag on this guy and just flat out let him walk, to me speaks volumes as to what type of guy "Josh" is. ANd add to that the fact he's still running his mouth about ODB...what a clown.
  11. True....but what I saw Saturday didn't look like much of a football team. I never look at the score for preseason.
  12. Howard Cross has been saying that they went after "five high profile" FA's for the oline three went back to their prospective teams (basically used the Giants offer sheets as leverage) and the other two retired. So Reese's plan of fixing the line was dashed. They keep (giants kickoff live podcast crew) saying that they almost won X games and that the upgrades on the defense and Skill players on Offense will make them a better team (above .500). I for one am old school you START WITH THE LINES.... But hey I'm just some moron posting on a message board. I want to be positive about this team but after last weekends game I can;t help but think same BS different year.
  13. Overreact......... This isn't a surprise at all. Connor Orr is an NJ.com throw away.
  14. He worked out for the panthers last week. Putting him back on the roster would be the ultimate Keystone cop scenario for Jerry and Mara.
  15. He stinks. He's been on the market since Feb. There is a reason no one took him before camp started.
  16. This team is just flat out terrible. Nothing more can really be added. Back to back 6-10 seasons followed up with the horse shit I saw yesterday? Mara, Reese you two are a disgrace. FUCK YOU!
  17. I don't know much about deadspin.
  18. Bump I'm a glass is 1/2 empty guy right now but the article was written by a hater.
  19. They STINK until proven otherwise. 7-9 followed up with back to back 6-10 seasons. I don;t get the optimism. The O-line sucks balls and they have done nothing to improve it. Have any of you guys listened to a Mcadoo "pep talk"? I've had flag league coaches sound more motivating.
  20. My biggest takaway from the WFAN interview. "We had several draft classes that went largely unproductive" and "our biggest proprity this offseason will be our offensive line" -John Mara
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