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  1. You said you didn't care about winning the superbowl period. I never intimated that you said you should stop rooting for your team or that you don't root for your team. You can set the bar as low as you want. The player analogy had nothing to do with YOU it had to do with you talking about every other team in the league there is only one superbowl and yeah there is and every team in the league.....mmheee why do I bother... It sure seems like you have some of these conversations in your head. You're surround by some retards if they keep touting another Superbowl year for the giants...but you know what they say "Birds of a feather" I didn't know the celts had footballs and football helmets in there logo.... I'm wondering do you have viagiants fans crying with snot bubbles coming out of there nose's after a Dallas loss? Cry Eagles Cry I would add an emoji here but I like my testosterone level set at penis not vag. The fact that you come here is in itself hilarious. What color ball gag does your boyfirend use on you? I bet it's green with the Philly logo on it. https://www.hogshaven.com/2011/12/29/2663594/a-video-collection-of-eagles-fans-crying-and-whining
  2. The vagiants that was never hurtful and was moderately funny when I was 13...Eagles did pretty well with T.O. the poster boy for cry baby...I'm no ODB fan so you will never an argument about what a meterosexual millennial he is from me. No not a celtics fan genius. And I need flash cards? LMAO! You need a set of glasses, better reading comprehension skills, and a clue...Y'all WTF is that anyway Y'all Just what this site needs a hillbilly eagles fan wanna be in a NYC borough. I guess it's a better alternative to "WizDUMB" I can only go by what you post Y'all, and y'all said. "I'm not worried about a superbowl the giants are my SB and we win it ever year" pretty simple no flash card needed. But that's cool. I don't even know what to say to this it's that stupid of a statement. Ask any player what his goal is at the start of the season...can't believe I had to post that..... Also who on here is saying the Giants are going to the superbowl? You keep yapping about how everyone thinks they are going and I've yet to see anyone here say they are. I'm right there with you about the oline but you can't despute the record. A man with more football acumen than this entire MB put together once said "you are what you're record says you are"
  3. Holy shit thats it!! ROTFLMAO!!!
  4. It was drolap1, biodsy there was one poster on the gaints boards that was a HOF troll i wish I could remember his name.
  5. He's pretty far along in his career now. Allot of questions have been answered and the story isn't over.
  6. But you are this guy Not the two idiots in costumes the leprechaun in the background you're magically retarded.
  7. I pay taxes annually. The whole point of the NFL is to win the superbowl...but who cares!!?!?! ..Superbowls wez dont cares bout no superbowls...
  8. Commonsense is hard to come by these days. And you my friend have bucket loads of it.
  9. No surprise here the bar is always set low with special needs eagles fans. Right now they have one of the most promising QB's in the league and beating the giants is thier superbowl....gay... Here is a hint. Winning the Supebowl is winning the superbowl. I mean you get a trophy and a ring not a laugh and a W in the regular season win loss column. I know this is a tough concept for you but reality is what it is. Sorry to break it to you.
  10. He'll ride them? So they weren't earned?
  11. You see I'm not there with you/. When you have to get the ball out in under a second poor decisions are made. Especially when your blind side is completely exposed.
  12. Is that next to the randle Cuntingham golden shoe lace wing? Eagle fans aren't allowed n the Bronx. From what I've seen you can only watch philly games in bath houses there. Careful not to drop the soap.
  13. It's working for me via fire stick and android box
  14. Funnel cake with or without powdered sugar?
  15. I took a bunch of flack last year on how Manning sucked and the oline was not to blame. I'm actually surprised by the posts.
  16. If you where to choose a food that most closely tastes like vagina what would that food be?
  17. The fix the oline drum beats on...I mean bench Manning because he sucks and put in Nasib...Oh wait...
  18. There is no argument against it.
  19. Right and game planning on quick ball release doesn't help the line out at all. The oline sucks and it without a doubt makes it harder for the QB. Throw on top of that the complete lack of disciple this team has = crap
  20. You can just repost this for the rest of the season after each game. Cause nothing is gonna change. You can't have a passing game without an oline despite with Jerry Reese thinks.
  21. McAdoo is a clown. http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2016/10/06/mike-francesa-ben-mcadoo-odell-beckham-jr/ This team is a complete and total joke. The oline stinks.the 200 milion dollar defense can't pressure the QB. PLayers running there mouths in the press. Players acting completely inappropriate in the locker room. When it looks like a rat smells like a rat...it's a rat. Mara has personally turned this franchise into a pile of garbage.
  22. I can't call it. My gut says giants win my heart says they will revert back to losing the close one with play peppered with BS turnovers and a poor oline
  23. That tiny red area in Florida. Thats pretty cool
  24. Wow what a fucked up ugly game. Turnovers poor poor oline play and they still won.
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