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  1. http://www.utsandiego.com/todays-paper/
  2. I think you guys are making too much out of this. He said it was easier dealing with Breese as a DE defending the edge. This is common sense not smack talk. Also check out Giants rewind this week Tuck did get used on some key plays during the skins game. His mistakes cost the Giants some big plays.
  3. The Raiders have the worst defense in the league. They have given up the most point and yards in the league. They have bigger problems then LB. Signing a 29 year LB to a multy year big signing bonus contract for them would be pure stupidity.
  4. If the GIants go deep in the playoffs and he has some standout games I still don;t think teams are going to open the checkbook for him. He's gone from being team captain during the regular season to a UFA that no one wanted. He was a UFA in the offseaon this year and signed a base of 800+. He's 29 it would be a coup if anyone went after him for big money. It's just not logical.
  5. The have a pepsi zone standing area at the link and in looks like zero fun to be in there. Whats up at Fedex the whole upper tier is standing room? I don't get it. are those seats PSL also? This isn't college football.
  6. The Giants never get any love and thats fine with me. The Giants and Atlanta are arguable the two best teams in the NFC as far as I have seen neither teams are getting the press that some other teams would be getting in the same spot.
  7. Doesn;t he lead the league right now?
  8. Standing room only? LMAO! There are real seats that you sit on at Metlife for 25 dollars.
  9. The funny thing is he has to go through waivers anyway. And the list goes in reverse of the current W/L record. If the Giants wanted him there is little to no chance they would get a shot at him. So unless the Giants wanted to trade something for him to the first team that claimed him the whole discussion is pointless anyway.
  10. I haven't seen ticket prices this low for a football game since the late 80's ealry 90's. There are good upper tier seast going for 36 bucks.
  11. . Bargain bin or not the guys is having his best season. He made huge key plays during the playoffs and superbowl last year. For me a Giants fan he's become a kind of legend in the sense of what he’s accomplished with the talent level he's had and the adversity he's faced. In context of the article and FA the guy is making the league minimum. He's been on the FA market a handful of times no one has ever taking a shot at him besides the NYG. To beat the guy down on the premise of some statistical scale is not only shortsighted it's flat and moronic IMO. Shoddy journalism at its best and clear biased against a guy who has made it though in NFL standards the toughest spots.
  12. I agree with all except Blackburn. How many times has he been thrown on the trash heap? Killing him under the premise that he's never going to have a better year than this year? The guy is making around the league minimum in base salary 800+ grand. This maybe the most stupid single piece of journalism that I have seen in years. And whose going to sign him to a big deal. Just flat out stupid.
  13. November skid after a bi week? at home?
  14. YeaH I saw the layout. I think it was when she was in college. She also played in the WPFL as WR.
  15. Bump. On bigblue live. Anta Marks is annoying as hell and they never get the mic's right one is too loud one too low. How about they STFU about fantasy football at the end of the show WTF no one cares about your office pools and whose winning asswipes
  16. He was the same yappy media player here as well.
  17. True but what ifs and could haves just piss me off more.
  18. They could get Tiki for under 2 grand a game.
  19. http://perks.urbandaddy.com/new-york/thuzio.html
  20. Pressure came up the middle in this game particularly from Atkins. Diehl has seen his better days for sure but he was not the main issue IMO. Watch the all 22 cam. Baas and snee where bitch slapped. When you have pressure like that coming off the center and interior like that how can you get into a rhythm? I think most of us here where PO'ed that Reese did little to fortified the o-line in the offseason. Hell I know I was bitching about it last year and this year is worse.
  21. That still doesn't change the fact that cincy got massive pressure up the middle. Baas and Snee where abused all day.
  22. The olline stinks. They seem to play better without deilh and Baas flat out stinks
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