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  1. How do you figure? We are 2-2 in the division Philly is 1-0 and Dallas is 1-1. I guess it's splitting hairs right now but I would prefer Dallas to have that division win since we already beat them. And aside from the Cleveland game Dallas has a tougher schedule. I really don't want a nail biter at the end of the season Vs. Philly at home. For whatever reason Philly seems to have our number.
  2. Jones is IMO the problem. The fact that he knows he's done a poor job and continues to keep his role as GM is great. It means more mediocrity for years to come.
  3. Yeah this seems like a once in a lifetime game to watch. I think both teams are in for a huge changes post season. I also think your right in the sense that this maybe the game people point back too and say that game "sent the (insert team name) into a nose dive for years to come."
  4. You guys beat me to it. The list of banned substances you can find here: https://www.nflplayers.com/About-us/Rules--Regulations/Player-Policies/Banned-Substances/ There is a 1-800 to call for any questions you may have every Dr that treats players knows about it. The list is easily accessable. And if Sash did have ADHD and had a perscription he would not have been suspended.
  5. He cloud also be given a play that had he not changed at the line could have been the "ideal" play. You can play that statement both ways. Sidebar: where are you getting he gets two plays called in? I've never heard that one. I've heard of scripted possesions. Is that what you are reffering too? To throw some more gas on this fire. Manning’s wideouts are required to make reads and change their routes keying off the opposing teams defense. There have been a bunch of plays and examples of this, that the media as well Manning discussing openly. To clarifiy: As in wideouts not making the proper adjustments to defensive keys. And that has nothing to do with play calling.
  6. Agreed .....tough to call. That being said Dallas winning at this point in the season favors us. It's like being told you have to bang Roseanne or Rosie Odonald or die. With the Cavet that Odonald would give you a few dollars after you're done. You don't want to do either, but life is good and money in your hand is just that, cash in hand.
  7. Thanks. Haven't been around since being victimized by the Stafford university experiment.
  8. Manning is constently changing the plays at the line of scrimmage it's discussed ad nausea on almost every NY media sports outlet.
  9. I read and heard them talk about game prep for the Pitt game. As in Sandy totally f'ed it up on almost every level. There where players that couldn;t get to the stadium due to gas shortages and a host of other problems. The division sucks this year. Unless thety have a total meltdown they make the playoffs.
  10. We split with Dallas so at this point I think we should want Dallas to win. And then the stadium to collapse preferably killing Vick crushing his internal organs and then slowly bleeding to death internally.
  11. Haven't we all learned yet. Manning is consistently inconsistent. Yet the team wins games and championships.
  12. The probelm is this is the reason why this site was created. And your excuse sounds like bullshit. Some unknown mod set the thread to have posts approved but then you say it was closed? Which is it???It's common sense if the thread was closed why have posts that can't happen be tagged to be approved? But then scratch that you deleted it anyway with the possiblility of retiving it later...LMAO!! But wait the link to that was deleted...and we all know you can never retrieve a link. It's lost forever in cyberspace.... I know I know Bad Egg and his cadre of pussies neeed to be protected from the bad men...
  13. So know one knows who did it.... why am I not suprised....
  14. I want to go on record by saying.....that sucks.....
  15. one of the reasons this place came into being was to let our freak flags fly. And beat on trolls.
  16. why was it deleted?. If these guys can't take the heat they should stay out of the kitchen.
  17. That is pretty cool. I can't believe they are getting away with that.
  18. I don;t know who Cadie is. but....I would like to nominate a name change... Fatty........or Fatdie The first sounds similar and is more fitting.And the second is what I would like him todo. He's got the Fat down now all he has todo is die. Which by the size of him is several Big Macs from right..... now... Also we (NYG fans) don't want convterted Dallas fans for two reasons. (1) They don't know shit about football. and two the biggest reason. (2) They REALLY don't know shit about football.
  19. he was tall and weighted over 300 but didn't look like it.
  20. He was a fifth round pick in 99 when he became an FA in 02 he went to Minny for a pay day. Broke his foot his second year there and finshed up in 07 in Miami. 02 is when I had the displeasure of meeting him. This is no bullshit the guy had an entourage of like 4-5 guys who went around the bar telling chicks who he was. Sadley by the end of the night he had at least 10 girls around him and his friends. For a NFL starting RT he was less then intimidating.
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