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Thursday night game thread


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They played well on defense. Couldnt stack up against this patriots defense though. I have to say. I dont see a super bowl caliber patriots offense, though. The offensive line is horrible.

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I decided to work on a project get some OT, just got home, doesn't look like I missed much lol

I totally expected NE to bitch slap us like a $5 hooker, but they played pretty well. Really nice to see a defense show up to play and play well. Dimes had nobody to rely on except Tate. Soon we're going to be a really good team.

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So watched the rerun of the game the other night despite a lot of wrong and being down to practice squad players at skill positions there was some good from this game.

Golden is going to get a massive payday with how he's playing so far, can't go wrong with the signing.

Jones despite looking like a rookie this game as much as last still shows he's Eli 2.0 just more accurate. Despite the turnovers and pressure he still sat in the pocket and delivered some passes when it mattered and it doesn't look like anything will rattle this kid. Just has to stop with trying to force plays he can't make to cut down in the turnovers at this rate he's going to finish the year with 25+ turn overs.

The defense all together played well I attribute it to some of that fact that the Patriots are running bench players since they are pretty beat up but at least the defense didn't quit.

That's another thing despite this team being 2-4 they are playing hard for Shurmur something we didn't see under Ben "3rd and long draw" MacAttack.

This isn't going to be a playoff year but there's some stuff some really good stuff to build off of.

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