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Week 1.


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I don't think the Redskins look that bad either. They're showing off some nice pieces, and a better OL than I expected given the willful absense of Silverback.


Those rookie WRs the 'Skins got are impressive so far.


I was wondering who Keenum was going to throw too when they let Doctson go.

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The Jets loss was probably my favorite thing of the day... all the papers and the radio guys on Friday were making Darnold out to be a God and the Jets to be a lock as a playoff team.


They keep talking about how the Giants are going to regret not drafting him and taking Barkley instead... I know personally that I could not be happier having Barkley, and nothing about Darnold blows my socks off.

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I know it's the Redskins, but the Eagles looking kinda scary.


Not like the Giants are much better defensively than the 'skins at this point too.



Skins successfully stopped our run game in the first half and didn't slouch in the 2nd. I think they will give the Giants some problems. We are off to Atlanta. Maybe we can get a peek at who our featured RB will be in that game?

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