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Week 1.


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Took Cleveland one drive to start looking like Cleveland again lol.


That team has implosion written all over it. At least six penalties, three personal fouls and an ejection already and Freddie Kitchens looks like his heart is going to explode any second.

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Week one and all, but that OL, plus a QB that can extend plays, plus a WR that can outrun every defense.... got to say, that is a hell of a recipe.


Yeah that Oline took a step this offseason it looks like.


If Wentz takes another step and stays healthy they could win the division.

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I think the Titans will surprise. Very physical, they're going to bully more than a few teams this year.


I mean they were a playoff team last year.


This year is riding on Mariota.


They can make it to the playoffs but for them to win any, he needs to play like the QB they drafted.

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