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Baker Mayfield hype train.


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The game was on at work last night so I more or less watched the whole thing.


Yeah, it's one game... yeah, he's a rookie... but that Browns team looked 100% different the second Mayfield stepped onto the field. The guy throws the ball with zip and looks to have good pocket awareness (he avoided some sacks I wish Eli could get out of). Even with the sound off, the moxie that kid brings to the team is palpable.


It sure looked like that stadium was sold out and the fans were SO happy to get a win. It was pretty tough not to feel good for that team and their fans last night. Almost two years since their last victory.

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It did help to be playing against the Jets, and he did come out to a huge crowd reaction that I think not only helped push him but his teamates to play to their best. It will be interesting to see how he does moving forward from here in the next couple games where teams start to prepare for him, breakdown his film, the fact that he is on the Browns starts to settle in.


I only watched into the 3rd Quarter but I was impressed by Darnold at that point, he stepped up and made some great plays, on the road in a hyped of stadium with a defense who was flying around the field. I did not see his 4th qtr interceptions though.

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It was a great game to watch, but seriously, everyone is acting like they just won the Superbowl. It's the Browns. They suck. They won. YAY! So now they'll get another first round pick with a 1-15 record. Rinse. Repeat.

It's early and he's a rookie and all the stuff I said before, but something is different with this kid. It wasn't just him... literally everyone on that team started playing better. They might not be contenders anytime soon but I could definitely see them being competitive if he doesn't self-destruct.

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Of course they were hyped.You're 1st round pick takes the field you are going to be excited.


Look, good for the Browns. Probably turning it around now and that division isn't great. But it's 3 quarters. I sense this guy is going to be a poor mans Favre.

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