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NY Giants vs Dallas Cowboys


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That is what I was thinking.


I have seen guys open.... As Eli was being sacked.

Its frustrating because when he does have time he feels phantom pressure and gets happy feet. Its the same story with this guy. Its bad enough we have a bad o-line but even when they arent bad they might as well be

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Maybe Eli has been shook, but this protection is just that bad regardless. The right side is being obliterated.

he should be used to getting pounded ,especially after last year even though it was from the left side. now its the right...... hmmm wonder what changed?

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Unlike the Bills they don't want to send him along the same career as Carr with the Texans.


Allen isnt going to want to play football by week 16.


Let Rosen sit and play him next year.

I think as long as the o-line isnt a dumpster fire (like buffalo) it doesnt hurt to let a rookie play for a bad team. Otherwise I agree, its bad business

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