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That is totally a 16-0 schedule. Well, except for maybe Jimmy G and the 49'ers.

And maybe splitting the division.

Maybe Coughlin struts in here and proves why they should have never let him go.

Brees could come in with Kamara and Ingram and light us up.

The Colts could get Luck back.



Other than that though, pretty soft schedule.

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Bucs and titans should be easy wins, the Colts and Texans will depend on if Luck and that young QB there who was going off are back.


The Bears and 49ers are push games could go either way.


The division is never easy.


The rest of the schedule looks like L's


7 and 9. Bounce back season with the new HC and GM, Giants draft their single caller of the future in 2019.

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Yeah, I initially started looking at Bears, Buccs, Titans as wins...but then thought...fuck if we didn't get our asses handed to us across the board this year and we have a whole lot of upgrading to do before writing in W's next to any of these games.


I'll go so far as to say that with that schedule and some major improvements to the offensive line, we can be competitive next year.

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7 and 9 is pretty easily obtainable if the Giants get any sort of HC who can aactually HC and not lead the league in players on IR.


Get a grip lol


I'm not setting a low bar... sorry 7 and 9 is unacceptable. This team horrifically underachieved. We need a few pieces and we're 11 and 5.

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The biggest thing we need to do is treat the team like what it is... a transitional squad that has a Giant question mark at QB and should have been focusing on the run game and OL. Asking a 37 year old QB or a young buck to chuck the ball 40 times a game is absurd.

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Saquon at two solves lots of problems.


I'd love it if we could somehow trade back a few spots and get him. It'd be even better if he does something like run a poor 40 time and drops to the second like Cook did last year.

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