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Thanks Dez?


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Today's head scratcher :ThinkingScratchHead2-small: :

Dez: More Giants should have Beckham's passion

As if you needed another example that we no longer live in your grandfather's NFL, a Dallas Cowboys star is defending a New York Giants star.
Dez Bryant stood up for the criticism Odell Beckham Jr. received the past year.

"Whenever something doesn't go right, as far as a team loss, y'all don't like his actions, and all it is, is just him wanting to win the game," Bryant told ESPN's Jenna Laine on Saturday. "If more people were like that on his team, maybe they would do something special."

From his in-season tussling with a kicking net on the sideline to the overblown pre-playoff boat trip, Beckham is under the microscope more than any NFL player.
Throughout his career, Bryant has been just as misunderstood, including going through inflated sideline blowups. The Cowboys' receiver believes any off-field outburst from Beckham stems from the desire to be a champion.

"He's a talent that a lot of people wouldn't be able to understand. You want to criticize him. You want to talk about him because you just don't understand him -- his whole mindset, the way he goes about his game. He's a hell of a football player. He's a great football player."
The reaction to players like Dez and Beckham displays how those of us on the outside often misinterpret passion for petulance.


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He makes a great point.


There have been times that Odell's emotions during a game have gotten the better of him. I can only think of three games that happened and will spend the rest of his career under a magnifying glass. There has been a lack of energy and emotion on the team for years. It has been great watching the Giants play this year and I've seen an infusion of life and energy into the team and I'm not talking just about Odell here.


Our Wide Receivers are fired up, Our Defensive Backs are fired up, Our Defensive Linemen are fired up!


Shit I think the fans are fired up too! Half the board might pick the Giants to win more than 6 games next season.


I would love to see the rest of the team get that same fire and harness that energy and take home another Lombardi trophy.

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I like how more players are shown in the public light as friends outside the game, I hated the whole idea that "if you play for xyz team you have to hate this team and their players".

While I don't see anything wrong with what Dez said, I think he was channeling his own self defense...

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I don't see anything wrong with what he said, but to imply Beckham is the only one with passion is ridiculous. Our defense was insane compared to last year for one thing. Besides, if the entire team was like Beckham, the next "issue" would be that MacAdoo couldn't keep his players in check.


Don't need a Cowturd critiquing our team, but thanks, Dez.

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While I don't see anything wrong with what Dez said, I think he was channeling his own self defense...

For sure. He plays the same way. And frankly I've defended Dez to some of my friends before for just being a guy that wants to win badly, which I think you've got to respect. At the same time, they can't let their emotions go unchecked to the detriment of the team by getting personal fouls. And I think Odel and Dez have both gotten better in that regard.
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