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Like many players on major college football powers, Goodson rose up the ranks during his career, waiting for others to graduate or move on to the NFL before being able to show off his full skill set. He was no slouch coming from the same high school as former Clemson and NFL standout linebacker Levon Kirkland, though Goodson's game is not similar to that of his boyhood hero. After two years as a reserve (11 tackles in 2012-2013), Goodson became a co-starter at linebacker as a redshirt sophomore, making 34 tackles, 3.5 for loss, and three recovered fumbles. He took the reins of the defense in his senior season, leading the Tigers with 108 tackles, 14 of which resulted in losses including 5.5 sacks. Goodson displayed an excellent all-around game, intercepting two passes, breaking up three others, and forcing a fumble during the year to garner third-team All-ACC honors from league coaches (second-team from league media).

ANALYSIS STRENGTHS Team captain and leader on that side of the ball. Surprising production as a one-year starter. Stocky with a muscular build to withstand the rigors inside. Brings a thumper's mentality to the field. Uses potent punch-and-shed technique full of leverage and power to attack second level blockers. Took it to Notre Dames Nick Martin. Willing to sacrifice body to disrupt blocking and play flow. Plays with base and balance and able to slide under blocks to work into tackles. Has play strength to challenge turn-out blocks and leverage his gap. Rarely cheated as a tackler. WEAKNESSES Hip stiffness leads to athletic limitations in space. Lumbering pursuit speed to the perimeter. Allows running backs a fair shot at turning the corner when he's chasing. Little margin for error with angles to the ball. Still learning patience in his flow to prevent cutback lanes. Labored backpedal in space. Grabby in coverage and could be in trouble when matched up in space. Play-action can cause him to lose his bearings. DRAFT PROJECTION Rounds 3 or 4 NFL COMPARISON Max Bullough BOTTOM LINE Physical, two-day linebacker with the desire to scrape downhill and strike what he sees. Goodson's lack of pursuit speed and overall athleticism could be troubling to teams, but his toughness and consistency of effort will appeal to teams who value force in the middle. Goodson could figure on the third day of the draft as a backup with eventual starter potential.


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Good analysis of him.


Some quotes




For a linebacker who was supposed to fight the “thumper” label during the pre-draft process, B.J. Goodson blew away evaluators at the combine with some of the top times in almost every drill amongst the linebacker group. I had already watched and enjoyed the young man’s tape, but Goodson’s impressive performance in Indy encouraged me to get his report done sooner than I had originally planned. After studying four games from Goodson’s senior season, I feel strongly that the Clemson linebacker has the traits to develop into a solid starter at the next level.
Like most good inside linebackers, Goodson is completely undeterred by contact or trash in front of him, keeping his eyes fixed on the prize and his feet active. You almost never catch the Clemson linebacker with his legs in cement, as Goodson stays on the move until he can accelerate forward to attack the ball carrier. While his rocked up frame and powerful punch suggest a player that can jolt blockers off his frame with ease, Goodson is also excellent at avoiding contact to pursue the ball quickly when he needs to.
The big question from NFL teams will be how strong Goodson is in coverage, but I think the linebacker actually produced some excellent tape in this area during the 2015 campaign. He’s no Myles Jack in man coverage, but Goodson showed the athleticism and awareness to carry receivers down the seam when necessary.
I’m not gonna act like Goodson is exceptional at everything, because he has his weaknesses, but this is a dude I would pound the table for early on the draft’s third day.
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Scooby Wright will probably not be drafted according to what I've read... but I'm not going to try and say I know for sure because I haven't really looked at any games of Scooby's. But from what I read he's close to a non-prospect.


Goodson was the captain, team leader, lead tackler, on a very good Clemson defense that played Alabama pretty tough, a lot tougher game then I think most people were expecting. I really like Goodson, I think he can start for us early at MLB and be a fixture there for a long time, and love that he's a team captain. This is a homerun in the 4th and was one of the players I really liked that were still available.

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For Joe, this is Goodson against Florida State, who features one of the best RB's in the country in Dalvin Cook, and a 5-star football program (Go 'Noles!). Clemson punched Florida State in the mouth last year. So here's the video and I broke Goodson down for you in this game, with some good and some bad (mostly good, though):


0:13 - gets locked up and can't shed the block and get in on the tackle.
0:32 - takes on the TE and takes away his route
0:42 - gets a little stuck negotiating the wash, doesn't get to the spot to make the play on the RB. (Dalvin Cook is one of the fastest RBs through the hole in football, at any level)
0:56 - defeats the block, puts the hit on the RB, BOOM, it's game over immediately
1:03 - diagnoses, gets outside without overrunning the play, takes away the cutback, locks on to the receiver and takes him down for a loss.
1:33 - gets off the block, stays with the play, and inserts himself into the gang tackle
1:44 - tosses the center's block attempt off like a sack of potatoes, puts the hit on the big RB, gets him on the ground, solo tackle. If you hated Leonard Floyd's arm tackles, you will love Goodson. He is the anti-Floyd when it comes to hitting people.
1:56 - A little difficult to see because he goes off screen, but maybe could've gotten a little deeper in his drop to take away the passing lane near the seam, however, it looks like he was playing the other receiver, hard play to assess without the All-22.
2:06 - gets combo-blocked, look at the leg drive again... stays stout at the POA, and splits the blockers.
2:23 - times the blitz, gets wiped out by the fullback, still makes the play in the backfield.
3:58 - sticks his nose in the pile and pushes it back with leg drive.
4:30 - sees the play before anyone else, beats the block and gets the tackle. Late in the 4th quarter aggressiveness and pursuit.
5:07 - gift fumble recovery - "right place, right time" What do you call a guy who always seems like they are in the right place and right time? A guy always in on the action? It's called someone with good football instincts, toughness, not afraid to get in and be physical.
This is a linebacker's linebacker. NFL body right now. He's a future starter at MLB, and he'll be the guy making all the calls. Watch it happen... Antonio Pierce with a little more thickness, maybe a bit more movement ability. Knows his responsibilities, "football IQ". Best pick in the draft so far in terms of value.


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It does feel like the Giants have made some excellent draft picks this year and then you remember you felt this way last year too.


I liked the first three picks last year, but felt the back half was kind of blah. Although I'm still kind of enthralled about Geremy Davis' potential.

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I liked the first three picks last year, but felt the back half was kind of blah. Although I'm still kind of enthralled about Geremy Davis' potential.


I honestly feel like the back end of the draft, Goodson, Adams and Perkins will start more than Apple, Shepard and Thompson this season.

Apple will play but will be rotating in time in the nickle, Shepard has the best chance to start day one but needs to build up time with Eli. Thompson will rotate in for experience and play special teams.


Goodson starts day one, either outside or he pushes Kennard outside, Adam is the most complete TE the Giants have and is right now the best blocker I can see him penciled in as a day one go, and Perkins will contribute in special teams and probably be used to rotate in for Vereen.

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I always feel blah about the backend of the draft and yeah occasionally we do find a gem but usually its rocks and a lump of coal. The inconsistency of finding starters at the backend of the draft is the reason I'm for trading those picks to move up. I like what we did trading a seventh round pick for Brad Wing. That is a move I'd like to see repeated this year as well if the right player is available in September.

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