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The Retired Chris Snee

Mr. P

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Read this part of the article:


Happy in Retirement
In the last several months, Snee has played more often with Cooper and his brothers, Dylan, 11, and Walker, 4. He is coaching their teams in various sports, and he has volunteered his time as a coach at a high school near his northern New Jersey home.
Snee has lost more than 55 pounds since July.
“To keep my weight over 300 pounds, I basically had to eat something bad for me all the time,” Snee said. “I’d eat a double portion of dinner and then a huge bowl of ice cream. I’ve stopped that and the powerlifting workouts, too.”
And this part:
Without the extra weight, Snee’s hips, back and chronically sore knee no longer bother him, although his left hip is arthritic, and he knows it will one day have to be replaced. His right elbow still does not function as it should.
“But I’m running two miles several days a week, which would have been impossible six months ago,” Snee said at lunch in a New Jersey restaurant. “I feel more healthy; I have more energy. I was tired before, physically and mentally. The treatments day after day, all the M.R.I.s and the rehab sessions — just never being completely healthy — it wears on you.”
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