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Time to give Da'Rel Scott a shot


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We've got possibly the fastest running back in the league.


Our interior running game has issues, but the Giants are getting some production from end arounds, and screens.


I'd like to see Da'Rel Scott's worked into the gameplan. He has the speed to capitalize on the plays that have been working, and he's a threat to take it to the house.


I feel like Cruz wouldn't have seen the light of day without Hixon going down. Now that Jacobs is sidelined, it's time for Scott to get a shot.


And frankly, Bradshaw has underwhelmed me. I like him, I think he's a good back, and I understand the line has been blocking like shit.....but Scott was electric in the preaseason, and I think he deserves to see some touches.


The run game has been so bad, I don't think there are any sacred cows, including Bradshaw.

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Agreed. I have no confidence right now in their ability to run the ball. They need to try something give the rookie some snaps. Snee and Baas could miss the Buffalo game so it could conceivably get worse. Regardless, this team is beyond fucked if the run problems continue for both sides of the ball.

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I agree that Scott needs to see the field.. but I don't agree on giving him his first shot behind THIS offensive line... when our starters return then by all means have it it... for now.. we're having difficulties running the ball as is.. with veteran RBs back there. If we somehow pull a W this week we go into the bye and hopefully everyone is back well healed and rested.

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The speed of Scott can sometimes make up for some deficiencies in blocking. But, he can't be out there more than Bradshaw. Bradshaw has earned his time, blocks well, and is a adequate receiver out of the backfield. He also runs with power. Just like we see the growing pains with Cruz... making good plays followed by mental errors or physical ones, that is what we would deal with if Scott gets some major P.T. So the best thing is to get him involved with a small package... and then, like Stokley, have his package gradually get bigger. :drool:

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I wouldn't mind because DJ Ware is the cheap, lead-painted, Chinese-knockoff-that-gets-sold-at-flea-markets version of Bradshaw. He really doesn't bring anything to the table.


Scott at least has some speed, and possibly the same ability as Joe Morris to get lost to defenders behind linemen. Of course, Morris also had one of the best blocking fullbacks to play the game in front of him.


What I'm not willing to do is get over-hyped over two long runs against players no longer in the league in a couple of preseason games. I am willing, however, to cross my fingers and hope for the best. :TU:

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