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I thought it was a cheap hit as well, not helmet to helmet, but Boss was clearly going to the turf without the ball and was almost on the ground when he was hit. It was a shoulder to the back of the head/neck.


Now, thats football, but I thought the S had plenty of time to see Boss was going down without the ball and avoid the hit to the head.

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I thought it was a clean hit.


It was, but I've seen similar plays called for hitting a defenseless receiver...


It wasn't helmet to helmet or leading with the helmet, but he could have easily pulled up...

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This is off of a link about a story about Wayne Chrebet and his post concussion syndrome symptoms:



I was a 6th round pick DT out of Colorado by the NY Jets in 1980, and ended up with the 49ers in 80 & 81. I played 11 years of football prior to getting into the pros and never had a surgery, but had numerous concussions, including being hospitalized during my 3rd year of Pop Warner in 9th grade.


During the 81 season with the 49ers I developed hydrocephalus (water on the brain) and underwent an emergency VP Shunt brain surgery at Stanford Hospital during September (I remember turning 23 in intensive care). I had 2 more brain surgeries May of 82, just 4 months after we won Super Bowl XIV, and was forced to sue the 49ers for Workers Comp just to bet my bills paid for. Creditors were after me for 5 years till I won my case in 86 and returned to complete my Biology degree at Sacramento State University in 1986. I had 4 more brain surgeries in one 10 month period and several grand mal seizures, but completed my degree at age 32 and have gone on to own and operate several environmental consulting firms. Unfortunately, it is all catching up to me, and I recently completed a 3 day evaluation at Dr. Amen's clinic in New Port Beach, CA, where his SPECT scans showed major damage to several areas of my brain.


Unfortunately, I only had 2 yrs in the NFL, am not vested, and have a wife and 3 children to support so can not afford to be disabled, even though Dr Amen stated he would have me rated at 80% disabled.


I have been trudging this head injury trail for 28 years and my heart goes out to Chrebet and any other NFL warrior facing what I have the last 3 decades. I hope and pray this latest so called Senate Hearing on NFL head injuries actually accomplishes something.


Dr Ira Casson and his croney should be held criminally liable for destroying countless players lives and their families. If I was injured working for KMART I would be taken care of better than what I have to go through dealing with the NFL Work Comp BS.


George Visger

SF 49ers 80 & 81 (Super Bowl)

Survivor of 9 brain surgeries

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