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Final Cut Day

Mr. P

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pat traina from inside football speculated maybe we have 2 te's on the roster right now because maybe we will go after the bears greg olsen.



Except why the hell would the Bears part with Olsen? They love that Jersey boy out there!

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So far


OL Jim Cordle

DT Dwayne Hendricks

OL Dennis Landolt

S John Busing

DT Nate Collins

TE Bear Pascoe

TE Scott Chandler

DE Tommie Hill

QB Dominic Randolph

WR Tim Brown

RB Gartrell Johnson

QB Rhett Bomar

OT Jacob Bender

11 to go.


From what I'm reading, Dodge is safe.....but at 6:00PM, the Giants can sign any free agent that's been cut and then Dodge might have something to worry about. I also wouldn't be surprised if the Giants grabbed a blocking type TE or a CB if anyone is available that has something left in their tank. Coughlin does like vets.

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Ahhh shaddup you face.


Denial is just river in Egypt, my friend. It's inevitable.


From what I hear, he's a really cool guy.....here's a picture I took of him and Hugh...how many other superstars would just stop for a photo?



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the hagan cut probably has more to do with reynaud.



TC said this about him:


"He is a guy who has versatility – punt returner, kickoff returner, gunner, covers kicks – he can play on all those teams." Fills a big need

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i'm surprised with the Bomar cut ....do you think he will clear waivers ?


( ...and Hagan ....blimey .....he's unlucky )


Bomar will get picked up by someone...no way he's on our practice squad this year.


And Derek Hagan didn't really have a bad preseason...the dropped TD the other night but that would have been a tough catch anyway...plays well on special teams...kind of surprised we cut Hagan. No sense in giving up on Barden but why keep Calhoun over Hagan?

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Jay Alford is cut.....hmmm. Did not see that coming. Must be the coaches see more in Rocky than us dumb ole fans.


That's a real bummer....I read recently that he still wasn't 100% since his injury.




Nearly one year removed from tearing his medial collateral ligament and partially tearing his anterior cruciate ligament, Alford is trying to work his way back to top shape. But with soreness in his knee, doctors relegated the Giants’ defensive tackle to practicing only once per day during training camp for the foreseeable future.


Another setback, another chance to wonder if the Orange native will return to the form he displayed last camp.



I'll always remember that sack on Brady in the Super Bowl....I wish the kid luck wherever he winds up.


Bernard and Canty better step the fuck up this season.

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Because you don't cut a guy named Duke Calhoun.

More than just a great name.....he's 6'4", ran the 40 in 4.40 and was Memphis all time leading reciever. Fast and tall....yet a little raw....equals: give the guy a chance to see if he's cut from NFL cloth.


I have absolutely no problem with Cruz and Calhoun being groomed for down the road. Plus, WR's get hurt so often that it's nice to have options on the bench that have actual talent

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