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Will Osi be a Giant on Friday



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  1. 1. Will Jerry trade Osi

    • Yes - too much trade value, too much baggage.
    • No - not enough trade value for his talent

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As NFL Draft Looms, Osi Umenyiora Trade Rumors Pick Up




Anyone who thought Osi Umenyiora's situation was put to rest when he showed up for the Giants' offseason workouts was brought back to reality this past weekend with a pair of reports that indicated the team would be interested in moving the two-time Pro Bowl selection for the right price.


The first report came from ESPN's Chris Mortensen, who wrote on his Twitter account he places the odds of Umenyiora being dealt at 60-40. The second report came from the National Football Post, who said the Giants would likely get calls from teams about Osi if they take South Florida DE Jason Pierre-Paul with the 15th overall pick.


The NFP's report makes a lot of sense, as the Giants drafting Pierre-Paul, who visited last week, would give them an entire day to work out a deal with the Rams for the 33rd pick at the start of the second round. (Remember, only the first round takes place on Thursday night under the new format.) I would think Pierre-Paul (or Georgia Tech DE Derrick Morgan in the unlikely event he falls to the Giants) would be a prerequisite for moving Umenyiora. After all, I can't see this team letting their best pass rusher go without first picking up a player at the same position. I just can't.


Here's what I do know: the Giants weren't entertaining offers for Umenyiora back at the Senior Bowl and the scouting combine, according to someone informed of talks between the team and a few other clubs. The person, who requested anonymity because the discussions were to remain private, said the Panthers and Rams were the most interested in making a deal for Umenyiora. St. Louis was clearly spurred by coach and former Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo, while Carolina knew it was about to lose Julius Peppers to free agency.


This past weekend, Mortensen mentioned both the Panthers and Rams as potential suitors while tossing in the Dolphins as well. Miami runs a 3-4 defense but could certainly find use for Umenyiora as a pass rusher. How exactly the Dolphins will be able to swing a deal for Umenyiora remains somewhat of a mystery, as they don't have a second-round pick to trade. What they do have is the 12th overall pick, so perhaps they could work out a package that would include Umenyiora and allow the Giants to move up three slots.


If these latest reports are accurate -- and I have no reason to believe they're not -- it makes me wonder what changed since February when the Giants were telling teams they're not ready to move Umenyiora and when they were saying both publicly and privately in meetings with the disgruntled end he's an integral part of their future. Maybe they're worried about how he can coexist with Mathias Kiwanuka, who is making waves recently about his wanting to remain a starter. Perhaps they have concerns about Umenyiora's hip. Or maybe it's becoming evident during draft meetings they're high on Pierre-Paul and Morgan and believe they have a shot to land one of them.


Bottom line: this situation always seemed like a draft-day scenario waiting to play out and that apparently hasn't changed. And again, whether Umenyiora remains in blue could very well hinge on the Giants' first pick and if they're able to grab a player they feel could one day be their new dominant pass rusher.



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I actually think it's more likely they'd shift Kiwi, who would look attractive to a 3-4 team.


i used to think that too but they have a history of jettisoning disgruntled players. kiwi is fairly gruntled and if anyone deserves some loyalty, it is he.

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I think he'll be back this season.


And what's with the Yes and No answers not corresponding between the title and question, its gonna sway the data!!


Yeah, I see what you mean....sorry for the confusion.

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Yeah, I see what you mean....sorry for the confusion.

The topic title is 'will osi be a giant on friday'.


The poll question is 'will jerry trade osi'.


I voted 'no' as in I don't think Jerry will trade Osi.


I knew what you meant, Joe, and as long as a MOD knows what it means, it's all good. Swayed data be damned.

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New York Giants aren't looking to trade defensive end Osi Umenyiora during NFL draft, sources say




Osi Umenyiora has demanded his starting job back and Mathias Kiwanuka is refusing to give it up. That's led many to believe there isn't room for both of them on the Giants. The Giants, though, appear to believe there is.


Despite rampant speculation that the Giants are planning to trade Umenyiora during this week's NFL draft, two league sources insisted Monday that the Giants are not actively shopping their Pro Bowl defensive end. A few weeks ago, one source said, they weren't even willing to entertain offers even though at least two teams - Carolina and St. Louis - would love to make a deal.


Even though Umenyiora has been outspoken this offseason - threatening to retire unless he's a starter again - the Giants believe he will eventually calm down and thrive under new defensive coordinator Perry Fewell. He'll also be two full years removed from knee surgery this season and - after a poor season in which he still managed seven sacks - the Giants believe he can regain his old form.


Umenyiora is also only 28, signed for three more years and for only $10.1 million, making it even more difficult for the Giants to consider trading him - even for a second-round pick. However, they have been looking into South Florida defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul - a player most scouts consider the best pass rusher in the draft.


If the Giants take Pierre-Paul at No. 15, there'll be even more speculation that Umenyiora could be traded heading into the second round of the draft on Friday.




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Fuck, just put Osi, Kiwi and Tuck (at DT) on for the first snap and they're all fucking 'starters'. What a useless classification. We're gonna rotate them all game.


I think all this bitching is about money. I am sure most these contracts have starters clauses for bonuses and such. Osi contract though is extremely friendly so I think it would take a lot to trade him.

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Osi's gone for the right price. If it's a top 10 pick in the second round or better, he could easily be gone. Even then, we'd wait to pull the trigger depending upon who's available at that time. So, we won't know until Friday whether Osi's here or elsewhere.


Gut feeling is he stays.

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