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Is anybody desperate for real games to start?


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I seem to remember the games always starting 1st Sunday in Sept.


Its has dragged a little i will say that.

right so this year they start the 2nd sunday in sept. i think it's because labor day is not until the 7th- which is the latest it can be.

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Why call it labor day when people who actually labor don't get the day off?

The unions that got it instituted get off, or double time to work that day.



As for real games I cannot wait, the 4th preseason game is always the least interesting... mainly guys fighting for practice squads, canadian league or a job at home depot. Although that normally does lead to some pretty intense hitting after the starters get off the field

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I know I am. I don't know what it is, but it seems that this preseason has dragged on longer than other years. At least this is the last day of August.


Yea but I've been keeping busy with other things. But the preseason has indeed dragged on.

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