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Gonzales to Falcons


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Not only that, but a 2nd NEXT year.


Yeah unbelievable they took a next year's seconder when we were offering more I believe for this year's draft. New regime in KC, though. I'm not brokenhearted because I really like Boss and I think they will draft another young gun for TE.

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Well....the good news is..is that last week on profootballtalk.com, they were saying that the Eagles were in the lead for Gonzales services and expected a deal to be done in a few days. So...at least he isn't in our division playing against us.


But yeah, it would've been great to pick him up and let him tutor Boss and the other youngsters for the next couple of years. Gonzales made no secret that he would've loved to have gone to the Giants. OH well...I wish him luck in Atlanta.

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i was piss when i read it... he would of wanted more NY than ATL...


i'm sure we would of given up a 2nd for him.... hell a 2nd and s.Moss



I would have given them a two and thrown Loss/Moss in for free and a complimentary dinner at Friendlies... :lol:

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