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Watching the refs hand Pittsburgh it's 5th Super Bowl trophy

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Wasn't that the Superbowl that didn't have a number, you know, the "JEROME BETTIS IS FROM DETROIT SUPERBOWL".

That was the superbowl where the refs yellowcarded the Seahawks and kept giving Pittsburgh free penalty kicks, the real officials were too scared to go to Detroit and they had to use MLS officials who didn't know NFL rules (at least thats the only explanation i can come up with, don't even try coming up with reasoning why Pittsburgh won the game it's a mindfuck it was like the LOST of superbowls)

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Guys, stop coming up with these wacky conspiracies, we all know the real reason why Pittsburgh won which was that Jerome Bettis was from Detroit where the Super Bowl was being played AND the NFL wanted him to go out on top in his own home town which is an amazing story. My eyes mist up every time I hear about this. A magnificent story like this should be made into a made for TV movie exclusively aired on Lifetime.

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