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Putz trade a done deal


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There have been multiple reports already about a possible trade that would send RP JJ Putz to the Mets.




The Mets are working to acquire a setup man for new closer Francisco Rodriguez — and that setup man would be another closer from the American League West.


J.J. Putz could be headed to the Mets in a three-team trade with the Mariners and Indians, according to major-league sources.


Mets right-hander Aaron Heilman, outfielder Endy Chavez and first-base prospect Mike Carp would be in the deal, as would Indians outfielder Franklin Gutierrez.


The deal also would include one or more prospects, but it is not yet clear which players are headed where


Another blog mentioned that Joe Smith might be included in this deal, not Chavez. I am not to fond of sending Smith away.

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So now it might be on the verge.




LAS VEGAS -- The Mets, Mariners and Indians appear to be on the verge of a three-team deal in which J.J. Putz would go to New York as the setup man to the newly acquired Francisco Rodriguez.


The particulars of the deal were still being worked out Wednesday night at the Bellagio, but MLB.com learned that if the deal goes through, the Mariners would receive Indians outfielder Franklin Gutierrez and the Indians would receive Mets right-handed reliever Joe Smith and Mariners infielder Luis Valbuena.


Mets right-hander Aaron Heilman and Mariners outfielder Jeremy Reed are also believed to be involved, though it was unclear who would be headed where.

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jesus christ, Lets hope they throw in Castillo for free.


LAS VEGAS -- The Mets, Indians and Mariners are discussing a 12-player trade in which Seattle reliever J.J. Putz would go to the Mets. In the deal being discussed, the Mets would surrender six players, including outfielder Endy Chavez, relief pitcher Aaron Heilman and first base prospect Mike Carp. The Indians would be giving up rightfielder Franklin Gutierrez.


Putz was an All-Star in 2007 when he went 6-1 with 40 saves and a 1.38 ERA, but he struggled badly at times in 2008, finishing with 15 saves and a 3.88 ERA. The Mets signed Francisco Rodriguez this week to be their new closer, and Putz could be used as a set-up man.



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Mets get JJ Putz, right handed reliever Sean Green, and outfielder Sean Green.


Mets give up Heilman, Endy Chavez, Mike Carp, and Joe Smith.


Thanks for the memories, Endy and Joe. You will be missed. I would've liked to see Carp some day in a Met uniform, but oh well, you have to give up something to get something. And Aaron, thanks for the mem... errr, heartburn.


Reed essentially replaces Endy as a decent bat but solid defensive outfielder, I will post stats of Sean Green, a player I've honestly never heard of. And of course Putz... he had a down year last year but this is a tremendous move. Putz is another guy that is a more than a K per inning guy. The 8th and 9th innings are on lockdown, boys! Happiest guy in the world right now.... Johan Santana!

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The first thing that stands out about Sean Green is that he is a big boy. The 29 year old is 6-6, 235. His numbers last year were underwhelming. He posted a 4.67 ERA and had a 1.47 WHIP, with 62 K's in 79 innings. On the positive side, he only gave up a 3 homeruns. Lefties hit .299 against him and righties just .233. Might not face many Philly batters next year, lol. All three homers were given up to lefties. His splits are interesting. He had a horrible May, August, and September, but was lights out in May, June, and July. With his late season struggles, I wonder if this guy was pitching with injury or had a tired arm.


Overall, though, he seems like a valuable piece to the bullpen, because he keeps guys in the ballpark and is excellent versus right handed batters.


More on Green.... he is a big time sinker baller, ground ball pitcher. That explains the low homerun totals. Nice acquisition for the Mets. He will help us this year and lessen the affects of losing Smith. Hopefully switching to the National League will help him greatly.

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I hear you, but he was rushed back because the mariners had no other options until Morrow emerged. When he finally had the proper time to get better, he came back lights out as usual. If Im Jerry Manuel, Putz is my closer. Not only is he better than K-Rod, he is a lot better than K-Rod. Putz is a top 3 closer. K-Rods a top 8 with him being the 8th.


closers I have ahead of K-Rod in no particular order






when healthy BJ Ryan



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i agree, however putz is older, has less of a track record, plus the money of course so the mets are prob playing it safe. great move though cuz if k-rod gets hurt like wagnre did they will have an established closer ready to step in.

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i agree, however putz is older, has less of a track record, plus the money of course so the mets are prob playing it safe. great move though cuz if k-rod gets hurt like wagnre did they will have an established closer ready to step in.

How old is putz, 32, 33? not really that old for a relief pitcher. unlike starters, relief pitchers have longevity. Most relief pitchers are still effective into their late 30's.


I agree, its a phenomenal move. The mets gave up a 4th outfielder, a misused pitcher who hates the franchise (arguably with good reason) and a soon to be pinata in Joe Smith for a top notch relief pitcher. This makes the mets bullpen elite in my opinion. I wish the yankees moved on this...I would have sent Seattle Melky, War and Kennedy for him.


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i would add saito to that last, and--by midseason when he proves it--heath bell

Yeah Id agree with that, then that makes K-Rod a top 10 closer with him being the 10th. Again, Im not knocking the mets foor signing K_Rod, it was a great deal, Minaya has impressed me a lot these past 2 years, but now thay have a guy who is better than him at what he does.

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