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  1. Bill Sheridan is perhaps the worst coach of all time, to fail with that much talent.
  2. Exit 117

    Jerry Jones

    Third year in a row fans and media are getting excited for it. ARGH. Hasn't bode well for either of us.
  3. The amount of hate I have for that fuckface will never cease and and can only get larger.
  4. Exit 117


    You think the Texans are better than the Jets?
  5. Exit 117


    Because if they won, they faced the Steelers
  6. Exit 117


    I don't understand the animosity towards the Jets. If I had to pick a second team, it'd be the Giants. I want them to win when it doesn't hurt the Jets. I mean, I don't actively root for them, but I don't want them to lose, either. I just don't get why so many Giants fans, here in particular, hate the Jets.
  7. Ravens at 7 seems like a joke, too.. and Eagles so high.
  8. I don't get how the Giants can shut a team out and hold them to like 80 yards total offense and LOSE a spot in the power rankings, ESPN sucks.
  9. ESPN's are so crappy. The Broncos (2-0) are behind the Dolphins (0-2). The Colts have no business being at 3 after last night, nor ahead of the Jets as far as I'm concerned. Vikings shouldn't so high, either, IMO.
  10. Good luck guys, here's to no injuries!
  11. I can't believe the idiot Jets gave up a 3rd, 4th, and 7th to move up 11 spots in the 3rd round. Now I'm pissed.
  12. That was a dumb post. Abram Elam is a decent safety, but he's nothing special and we already replaced him with Jim Leonhard. Elam was a nice story; undrafted, troubled history (in the sense that he grew up in a rough area and had two or three of his siblings murdered, one as recently as last offseason), plays with a lot of heart and is a character guy. However, heart doesn't win you games. Kenyon Coleman is a GREAT run-stopper, but a HORRENDOUS pass rusher and is grossly overpaid. Again, another good guy, and a solid player, but nothing to get upset over losing. Brett Ratliff... lol. That's basically all there is to say. The guy had a great preseason, but it's fucking preseason. Also, as far as I can tell, the guy is as dumb as a box of rocks. I met him at the Freehold Mall for an autograph-signing session. This was essentially the transcript of my (very) brief "conversation" with him: Me: I really hope that what you showed us last preseason was real. Ratliff: What? Me: I hope last preseason was how you'll perform in real games. Ratliff: Me? Me: Nevermind. Nice to meet you. So essentially one fringe player (Elam), one decent but not Pro Bowl Caliber player (Coleman), and a 3rd-string QB probably at best (Ratliff) plus a 17th overall and the second round pick to move all the way up to 5th overall. Damn good trade, I think. We shafted the Browns. I'm not surprised. When he was with us, he was always picking up as many former Patriots that he worked with as possible. However, trades within the division combined with the bad blood Belicheat felt towards him made a trade impossible. The Jets and Browns aren't rivals, and he left on good terms -- he and Tannenbaum were joking together and hanging out at the meetings earlier in the offseason, as well as Rex Ryan. See above. Far from it. If anything, we screwed them. That face is not because of the comments, but because I agree with you. I hate rooting for this team. I always defended Mangini when he was a Jet and was upset they fired him, but once he went to the Browns and I was no longer looking at him through green-colored glasses... damn, I'm glad he's gone. I agree! As a Rutgers student and a BIG fan of Britt before I even started it Rutgers, it killed me to see him go to the Titans. I really, really don't like the Titans because I think their fans are inbred idiots and really hate Eddie George, it kills me to see my favorite prospect going to them. I'll still root for him, but damn, why Tennessee? I was really, really rooting for him to go to the Jets or Giants. Seriously, I don't mind the Giants and could have easily, easily rooted for Britt as a Giant and probably would have bought a Britt Giants jersey. I have a soft spot for the Giants since XLII. ------ However, I'd like to add to all of this that I am NOT thrilled with the choice of Sanchez. I don't think The Answer at QB was currently on our roster, but I don't think Sanchez is either. 16 games doesn't impress me the slightest bit. I was not a fan of him at all, nor drafting him because we'd have to trade big. Fortunately, we were able to get a steal of a trade to move up to fifth, so all I can do now is hope that I'm wrong about Dirty Sanchez.
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