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Well all you have to do is watch our D. I mean every play there seems to be a new player on the field either in the secondary or on the D line. Our LBs seem to be the only ones who are staying on the field, although we do get Kiwi and Tuck to drop back from time to time.


But to answer your question I think they switch it up.

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It looks to me like Webster is on the top receiver most of the time.


Webster's confidence seems to be at a high, it's an amazing thing to watch, even when he gets beat, he just hops back up and plays. Before, he got beat once and then he was done for the game.

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Hard to make that pick when Holt grabbed his back arm and yanked it down. It was pretty close to offensive pass interference, but the Giants don't get those kind of calls! :P It was a fluke TD, Phillips made a good play that just bounced the wrong way. Welcome to the NFL, rook!

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No, that's what Peterson and Allen WERE...


What they should have been, and were touted to be when we drafted them, was the best cornerback tandem in the NFC. Ross and Webster will be this.

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