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Wide Receiver plot thickens


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Relevent passage:

Another possibility is 25-year-old speedster Jamaar Taylor, the Giants' sixth-round pick in 2004 who retired this off-season partly because of a lingering knee injury.


Taylor's agent, Ray Savage, said his client is 100 percent healthy and wants to return to football. Savage also said he has spoken to the Giants in recent weeks about Taylor, who had six catches for 146 yards in eight games during his rookie season.


The Giants still hold Taylor's rights because they placed him on their reserved/retired list in the spring. General manager Ernie Accorsi said he would welcome him back in the future.


Perhaps he'll be back in the near future now that the Giants are without Toomer, who could have opted to rest and rehab the knee in the hope of returning later in the season or for the playoffs. But he decided to have surgery immediately.


Discuss angrily.

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I'll disagree Tree. I couldn't see them playing together. they really don't compliment each other. and there is only one ball lol

It'd certainly stretch the field and open Shockey up more.


Can you imagine Buress and Moss charging down the field, dragging the secondary, then hittin' them up the middle with Jacobs? :flex:

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