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  1. Chase is just another Nick Greisen
  2. The giants should take a long hard look at this game and watch Vince Young. Then maybe they will see what having some heart can do. Fucking pussies!
  3. How the hell is moss still out with a quad injury????????
  4. If only EA could get Moss out of oakland. dreaming........
  5. I agree but I would put Seubert at center and leave Snee at guard.
  6. This is bullshit!!! This was the Giants' game! Fuckin refs
  7. Why do the giants even bother passing?? Lets just run it down their throats!
  8. I am just shocked that deloatch was cut. I thought the giants had high hopes for him. I wanted the giants to keep Anthony Mix, it would have been a good project.
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