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  1. Theres a new TV agreement that rearranged everything.
  2. Expect Eli to throw for 50 points again against us. Our secondary is hot garbage and I expect they get gashed for 20 plus yards every offensive possession. You can count on a TD every time. If you have Eli on your fantasy team start him. I would also start your number 2receiver because hes going to have a career day. Still think Saints win but this could easily be a 90 point game.
  3. Damn he must have moved to the middle . I think we had him at SAM
  4. He was solid for us. I can't remember why he got away from us. Is he starting or is he just a situational guy? He should know our offense pretty well
  5. The Saints and Giants have to play each other again this year and I am wondering if it will be the awesome shootout it was last year. Looked like both of our teams had the same problem, shitty defense. I know the Saints had the worst defense in the league last year. All reports coming out of camp is that our "new" defense is looking great under Dennis Allen. So many reports it scares me, its almost as if they are trying to sell us the cool aid and pour it down our throats. Our secondary is healthy for the most part where we were missing four starters last year. Our LB corps looks pretty good and is getting pressure and causing turnovers which was a big problem last year. Last year there were a lot of rookies the average age of the defense was 24 or something. They brought in a couple of veterans for leadarship and the rookies have a year under their belt. All and all there is no way they can be any worse than last year (they were worst in league history two years ago so I guess they could get worse). I expect a big improvement if everyone stays relatively healthy. Thats a big if. We are very thin outside of our starters so if people start going down the defense will take a plunge. Brees looks sharp as ever on offense but at his age the Oline will have to step it up big time and their are big question marks there. Our first round pick from last season Andrus Peat sucks and they have been trying him at every position along the line. Our starting LT Terron Armstead who graded out as one of the best tackles in the league is injured and outside of Max Unger everyone else on the line are journeyman at best. Our second round rookie receiver looks scary good. Another player the media is giving us a heavy dose of. Hes catching everything thrown his way and more. They say he could be an all star if he stays healthy. Brees may very well have the best receiving corps he has had to work with ever this year. I think he will need all the help he can get in that area as his accuracy drops off due to age. I like the addition of Coby Fleener at TE. Solid replacement for Graham and Ben Watson. To sum it up I think we have improved on defense and will be a top 5 offense again but I dont see us winning more than 9 games give or take. Do you guys like what you are seeing at camp?
  6. I heard one of the NY sports guys on local radio down here today. He said that the Giants were considering Spags in addition to the others. Spags! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
  7. Idk with eli and OBJ he might be able to put something together. He almost has to have an elite QB or at least some good receivers because his defenses are so bad the offense has to score 40 just to win games. The Saints are dead last in just about every defensive statistic. Any HC worth his salt should no how to take over defensive duties enough to get the defense at least in the 20s some where. Year in year out our defense sucks, and not just sucks but embarassingly sucks. This year they are going to break their own record as the worst defense in the history of the NFL. Then there is the drug thing. I think he is done coaching for a while.
  8. Yep, Payton is gone. Forget about Cowher and Gruden. They aint coming back. I try and tell the assholes over on the Saints board the same thing. Payton has a huge drug problem and everyone knows it. He was barely coherent in a few of his post game interviews earlier in the season. So bad the NFL had them taken down off of their sites. I like the Giants too much to wish Payton on them. And him and Spags aint exactly asshole buddies so then you would be looking for a new DC as well. Looks like the Giants may be planning that anyway. I really wish Harbaugh would decide college isnt for him.
  9. Good riddance . He is extremely over rated and a complete liability against the run. One trick poney. Yes he had double diget sacks but that is because people had to double team Cam Jordon.
  10. I just saw this thread. Do you have any room?
  11. Tree, I'm going to give up my team this year so if anyone wants my spot feel free to give it away. a keeper league is a little advanced for me. I do want to join a regular league with some of the guys here so if anyone starts one let me know
  12. I know a lot of us Saints fans wanted us to trade up to get him. I watched him in every game he played and he will be special. He put up some damn good numbers in spite of Mettenberger. If he would have had just about any other QB in the SEC he would have really balled. Good pick up. I can't wait to see what he can do this year.
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