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  1. I just wish there was more traffic here. It's tough to get a good argument going when it takes so long to get a reply. Once my jucies get flowing I want immediate gratification.
  2. fbomb

    Tony Homo

    Not only pressure, but CONTAIN him. If we let him out of the pocket, he will kill our secondary.
  3. I got a temp suspension for. believe it or not, spelling out "ass" like this: "@zz". I was suppose to be let back on after 24 hours. I just tried and it says: User Account Banned You are no longer allowed to access the forums. If you believe this is in error, please check with the administrator(s) or moderator(s). AND there's no way to contact anyone when you're banned!! What the fuck is up with those Nazi mods???
  4. I know there isn't as much traffic here, but that board has been completely overun with stupidity. Has anyone here been there lately? I tried hard to battle but there are just so many of them. lockhart has won. I'm through with that place.
  5. I'll be walking around as well. I'll be wearing Giants Santa hat, so if you see one yell FBOMB YOU SUCK!!!
  6. If anyone wants to come over for a beer or 2 (or 3 or 4), come on over. We'll be there bright and early.......getting nice and lit until game time. It would be cool to get some faces with names.
  7. Agreed.................The WORST thing that happened to Eli this season, was the loss of Toomer. Toomer was clutch and made plays between Plax's great and bad plays.
  8. Exactly what I said in MY Eli rant. I'm tired of arguing with people who call him a bust, when he hasn't done anything to back me up!!! He has to show me something this weekend or I'm joining the "Fire Eli" team.
  9. Happy "Stuff your face til you explode day" folks!!!!!! I did all the cooking today and it was my first Turkey. It came out fabtastic!!!
  10. Losing Toomer for the season really hurt us. Dude was clutch. We need a guy like that to make plays between Plax's spectacular catches, and spectacular drops. That's what's missing from this offense.
  11. And Shockey knows it!!!!!!!!!!!! You can see it in his face EVERY TIME a ball hits the fucking ground that Shockey can't believe the way he's being used, or NOT used!!!!
  12. ouch.................comparing Eli to Dave Brown hurts. :brooding:
  13. If you ask me, they were being generous.
  14. Except that Irvin was right. Cowboys ARE the better team as of late. Of course, that's like being King Turd in a huge pile of shit. :brooding:
  15. THAT'S why he sucks now!!! Who the fuck can concentrate on football when your dick is rotting off??!!!
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