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  1. TC and company must go, we need a rea l backup QB with an ARM. \ Get rid of burress and trade Shockey for some draft picks we need two real conners and a Line backer And a good safety ELI may never get better but we can try with new coaches TC put him out there to soon I don't think the dammage can be fixed
  2. Scipio


    WCO is short 3 step quick realse passes by the qb with good recievers that can break tackels no OLD Miss did not run it
  3. Pay back time and knock them out of the playoffs for once, we owe philly big time and garcia
  4. Blows the other team away, Fox confused us last year, when did TC and Company, figure a way to beat someone real bad? How about givivg us an easy one for once? And here we go with another Backup QB are we going to make him look like Joe Montana too? Come on and give us just one game that means something and stick it to them for once????
  5. Hey I can get him a Boys hat and you too!!! He is right this team has no talent except for being losers and winers
  6. I don't have a horse and I don't like texas that jackass George B comes from there. I want to know are you a bad girl or just looking for one? Panther's are going down hard !!!!
  7. You guys are a bunch of far away giants fans, but thats cool and I love SC. Now I know my english is not that good, but we have to get revenge this weekend these guys made us look silly last year. Now we can make them miss the playoffs that would be great. Huffyboy better pull his head out of his ass.
  8. You guys are going to beat me to Dallas I bought a hat with a star on it today. What do you say the gint's will win at CP, kick there ass and all aboard, then we get in the playoffs and beat cicago and the cowgirls
  9. I dont want ot here we are still alive crap!!! We need to pound CP and Fox into the ground and knock them out of the playoffs. then somehow make it to the playoffs, and play the Bear's. No one will give us a chance but this time we are a full strength like when we beat the cowgirls!! After beating them we go on to beat Parcells little cowgirls and make him really retire.......................... Hows That
  10. It's put up or shut up time, TC go to your coaches and tell them to make a game plan that will work or else your outa here Huffyboy I am sick of this guy always passing the buck. He started Eli too soon and ruined the Kid, he let the Defense play the Lewis way the first three games and put us in hole!!! He is still letting that asshole Huffyboy calling the wrong plays inside the 20 and blowing games. Time to pull all your heads out of your ass, and let look back and say to the team, WHO KNOCKED YOU OUT OF THE PLAYOFF'S LAST YEAR, THIS IS PAY BACK TIME.
  11. As far as I am concerned the fat lady farted last weak to the stinky Tenn team. When the fuck do we get our turn, at some revenge, let us knock somebody around or out of the playoffs, No Dallas comes up with this little jerk Romo for nothing.
  12. OK how many championships does Archie have , how many superbowls has Peyton been too? And has Eli won a playoff game?? You are Mr. negative. Eli played great. You ignorantly call the Mannings losers. You are already predicting a loss next week. And this team clearly has talent.
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