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  1. watching the other shepard on punt coverage hes is doubled and he runs straight out of bounds
  2. ELi another roll to the left..... thats just not natural
  3. Rhett Ellison has more TDs this year than Beckham.
  4. yeah he got clipped going out of bounds
  5. the Score board in Minny is fucked up it shows Buffalo 24 Minnesota 0
  7. ELI has left OBJ hanging alot this young season
  8. I dont know abiut that 26 guy...... maybe we should of draft a qb instead.
  9. did you see that one crossing rout to OBJ where 43 I think it was on the texan slid into obj when he was on the ground and hit him helmet to helmet? no flag......
  10. ELI rolling to the left what????????
  11. if I giant hit a QB like Watt just hit ELi it would of been a roughing the passer penalty. He hit him in the knees after the pass was off
  12. why was sharp cut again?..... why isn't Latimer back there?
  13. #1 reason they Giants will win today I picked against them in the office pool .
  14. that was a TD if Eli threw it to OBJ and Not Shepard
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