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  1. For some Reasons....... this was in my Youtube recommendations
  2. Welp, if we win this game and WTF beats filthy thats that. I do however like that we are in an up swing and maybe in a couple years we will be more a perannial playoff team
  3. because He play's for the Giants.... clearly no one was catching that ball
  4. Que Don Meredith See ya next year
  5. didnt have a problem with it when they played Cleveland......
  6. OHHHHH so Now Judge wants to go for Field goals......
  7. over half the Browns WR's have the C
  8. wonder why they don't use smith more at TE and put Engram out wide..... hows smith's blocking? I havent seen many games this yeaar
  9. whats up fuckers ? seems the same ol'e same ol'e Giants showed up tooday. We are not going anywhere this year with no deep threat and Garrett as OC games over seasons over......... oh Merry Christmas BTW
  10. Jason Garrett is an absolute play calling idiot . season is over . when is the draft again?
  11. Blue-White Scrimmage, airing Saturday, August 29 at 6 p.m. ET and Friday, September 4th at 7 p.m. ET. The "Giants Blue-White Scrimmage Special" on NBC 4 New York
  12. What I was aluding to was 5:25-6:55. Is this what our Offense will be behind Garrett as OC or was Garrett "told" by the new Crypt keeper "I want it done this way" . either way I would expect to see a lot of Play action for us this year.
  13. So, I watched this youtube video and in it the guy talks about the way Dak and Zeke are used in the playcalling . I would guess the million dollar question is, Will Garrett do the same to Jones and Barkley? or was Garrett simply being a puppet.
  14. Gross-Matos / Davidson 2nd rd Biadasz / Cushenberry 3rd rd I think it may be Biadasz in the second though and Davidson in the third Gettleman " We want to fix this offensive line once and for all"
  15. I do not know how well the Draft coverage will work this year . I wont be seeing any of it Live though. I have to work Night shift. GO Giants ps...... New SW template????
  16. The Giants suck so bad they suck at sucking.
  17. so 3 weeks in a row the giants miss a pat attempt albeit the 3rd was a bad snap which the improvised 2 pt conversion failed
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