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  1. a finger that didnt stay on the mask at all???? why did his head snap back?
  2. I never liked that kickoff rule, if the ball hits in bounds then goes out that's it . the balls right there just like a punt
  3. that was a floating mother fucker if some one stayed home with Barkley it was a Pick6
  4. hmmmm a little trickeration TD Becham to Barkley
  5. You done beating that dead horse or do you want to the fucker too?
  6. https://247sports.com/nfl/new-york-giants/LongFormArticle/New-York-Giants-referee-bad-officiating-vs-New-Orleans-Saints-122743679/#122743679_1
  7. Surely you can't be serious... ;^)
  8. how many hurries and qb knock downs?
  9. Hence.... Mike Shula Sucks Ass.
  10. if I remember right when Diehl, Serbert and O'Hara started out they needed about 6 to 7 weeks to gell.
  11. So Stacey Cooley the Guy that replace Clay is now out with a Hammstring injury.
  12. that's what I am asking you to do.
  13. isn't there other pools to draw from other than the NFL? .....CFL I know the AFL is all pass and flash but is there anyone there to even consider.... I know a player may be contractually obligated but there must be some one. Both of those leagues have a UFA pool right? How about other teams practice squads.... can you trade PS guys?....I don't see why not. I am just throwing spaghetti at the wall.
  14. How the hell will he be able to hike the ball with the back of your head in the way?
  15. @art_stapleton: My understanding is that Snacks banged his knee against the turf late in Sunday's game. Just some soreness, but not expected to keep him from playing Sunday. They need to be smart. The beatings the man takes every Sunday are unlike anything any other defenders take. https://twitter.com/jaketho53940029/status/1045034137831247873
  16. I think Art Stapleton said Snacks hit his knee on the turff
  17. Kaelin Clay cut. https://www.google.com/amp/s/nypost.com/2018/09/25/giants-call-up-tight-end-and-finish-the-kaelin-clay-era/amp/
  18. I think that Deayon guy gas some potential .
  19. Seems we still need to fix the OL going into the draft. But, I am not sure that's the first priority in this young season the OL still has time to Gell yet seems to still be be fluid .... the secondary needs to be addressed and we will need an DE edge rusher or two.
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